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The Shocking Ways The Beckhams Are Earning Millions Even After Retirement

Although it should not come as a surprise to anyone, the Beckhams have officially become billionaires as far as their combined wealth in Australian dollars is concerned.

Although both have, for all purposes, retired from their respective professions, they are still bringing in a lot of dough through brand endorsements, separate lines for both fashion as well as makeup, and also possibly some very lucrative investments. According to reports, cumulatively they are worth $AU 1.3 billion.

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The Beckhams are definitely among the prettiest people we have ever seen.

Multiple Companies

There is an entrepreneurial spark to David Beckham which has become quite evident considering the investments he has been making in three companies namely Footwork Productions, which reported a turnover of around $AU 389 million, Beckham Brand  Holdings with a turnover of around $487 million, and then, of course, their DB Ventures  Ltd with $168 million in balance.

Beckham Brand Holdings also has a third shareholder apart from David and Victoria, and that is a company called XIX Management, which is under the control of the ex-manager of Victoria’s singing group Spice Girls, Simon Fuller. According to reports, all three of the shareholders received a massive payout before last Christmas in the form of around $35 million.

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Thanks to the phenomenal success David achieved as a footballer, he is still sought by brands to promote their products.

Surprisingly, this success had already been predicted by Fuller back in 1995 when the trio first penned the partnership deal, as he trusted the glamorous outlook of Victoria combined with the attractive and sporty appeal of David to be the perfect combination for creating a powerful and highly successful brand.

Victoria Is Highly Successful As Well

But that’s only David’s side of the fortune. If we turn our attention to his gorgeous wife, the ex-Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, then we see another very lucrative company which goes by the name of Victoria Beckham Ltd, which overlooks all of her makeup brand business and has been showing remarkable performance for over 10 years. The 44-year-old Victoria should consider this a personal success considering that her brand is now valued at around $186 million.

However, the financial figures which are being reported by the company do not inspire much confidence in the success of the brand. Even though Beckham ended up winning the so-wanted Fashion Icon Award back in November of last year at the E! People’s Choice Awards held in Los Angeles, and was also nominated at the British Fashion Awards the same year in the British Designer in the Womenswear category, her company reported an overall loss of around $19 million.

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Her company may be going into a loss, but Victoria’s skills as a designer are still being recognized as among the best in the industry.

This was slightly higher than the $15 million loss which had been reported the year before, showing that the company’s business performance was not improving. Cumulatively, the net losses since 2013 have gone up to around $56 million.

But, Victoria also has some residual income coming in from her music career, all of which is being redirected into the $18.7 million company called Moody Productions. This, combined with the fact that she has a stake in her husband’s companies as well, which are doing rather successfully, shows that she must not be too worried about the success of her designer business.

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