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Top 5 Superyachts of 2022

In a world where social distancing became the buzzword, the allure of superyachts took on an even more glittering appeal in 2022. These floating palaces provided the ultimate escape, blending luxury, privacy, and adventure.

Now, let’s dive into the top 5 superyachts of 2022:

The First Superyacht of Four Seasons: Redefining Luxury at Sea

Imagine a haven where the sea meets the sky, and luxury knows no bounds. The first superyacht by Four Seasons did just that. Featuring 95 suites with floor-to-ceiling windows, this floating marvel redefined luxury at sea. Each suite boasted a staggering 581 square feet of indoor-outdoor living space, ensuring guests experience the ocean’s majesty without sacrificing an inch of comfort.

Arno / Unsplash / During the COVID-19 pandemic, Four Seasons launched its first luxury superyacht.

So, this vessel was not just a yacht–it was a floating Four Seasons hotel offering the epitome of luxury cruising.

$21 Million Benetti B.Yond 37M Superyacht: Elegance Meets Innovation

Benetti, a name synonymous with Italian excellence in yacht building, outdid itself with the B.Yond 37M. Priced at a cool $21 million, this yacht blended timeless elegance with groundbreaking innovation.

The B.Yond 37M’s eco-friendly design set new standards in sustainable yachting. Plus, its luxurious interiors and state-of-the-art amenities made it a floating sanctuary for the elite.

Wallypower58: The Ferrari of the Seas

Speed, style, and sophistication – the Wallypower58 had it all. Dubbed the ‘Ferrari of the Seas,’ this yacht was a dream for speed enthusiasts and luxury connoisseurs alike. With its sleek design and powerful performance, the

GTN / The Ferrari of the Seas, Wallypower58 reigned in 2022 when social distancing was the new normal.

Wallypower58 cut through the waves like a knife through butter, offering an exhilarating experience unmatched by any other. Its cutting-edge technology and sumptuous interiors made it a favorite among those who desired speed without compromising on luxury.

$325 Million Paul Allen’s 414-Foot Expedition Yacht: A Monument to Adventure

Late tech mogul Paul Allen’s legacy lived on in his breathtaking 414-foot expedition yacht, priced at a staggering $325 million. This colossal vessel was more than just a yacht. It was a floating exploration vehicle equipped for the most adventurous of journeys.

Its state-of-the-art research facilities, luxurious amenities, and robust build made it ideal for those seeking to explore the unknown in utmost comfort. Owning this yacht was like possessing a private floating island capable of taking you to the most remote corners of the world.

Azzam: The Behemoth of Luxury

Last but certainly not least, Azzam. The mere mention of its name evoked awe. Standing as one of the largest superyachts ever built, Azzam was a marvel of modern engineering and luxurious design.

YT / The Behemoth of Luxury, Azzam, was one of the top superyachts of 2022.

Its size was staggering, but so too was its attention to detail – from the opulent interiors to the advanced propulsion system that allowed it to glide effortlessly across the oceans. Azzam was not just a yacht. It was a symbol of unparalleled wealth and luxury.

Summing Up

2022 saw these magnificent superyachts set sail, offering an escape into a world where luxury knew no bounds. Each of these vessels was not just a mode of transportation. They were floating emblems of what human ingenuity and desire for luxury could achieve. They represented a unique blend of comfort, elegance, and adventure, catering to the whims and fancies of the world’s elite.

In a time when the world craved isolation and exclusivity, these superyachts offered the perfect solace, combining the thrill of exploration with the comforts of a luxury resort. So, they were not just yachts. They were dreams made tangible, cruising the endless blue.

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