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A Mysterious Buyer Paid $45 Million to Purchase Adam Levine’s Palatial Mansion!

Many people may know Adam Levine as the frontman in the pop-rock band Maroon 5, but the singer has plenty of other businesses outside of his glamorous music career.

Take his real estate empire, for example, which consists of lavish mansions and condos the singer has been buying for both personal and commercial use.

Levine reveals flipping homes fulfills his soul as he redecorates houses for the next owner

Levine isn’t the first celebrity to show interest in the real estate business. Many other Hollywood A-listers like Ellen DeGeneres and Arnold Schwarzenegger have made millions from flipping homes. 

And this isn’t Levine’s first time selling a multi-million dollar manse either. The singer has bought and sold many properties in the past including Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s $32-mansion, which he eventually sold off for $47.5 million after spending $7 million on renovations.

News about him buying and flipping homes continue to dominate the Internet, including his controversial Beverly Hills mansion. Surprisingly, the listing was just up for a short time before Levine found a client for it! The singer claims this famous TV personality bought his mansion for a staggering $45 million!

A Lucrative Deal

According to sources, Adam Levine sold the Beverly Mansion to none other than Ellen Degeneres for a staggering $45 million. While the listing was initially priced at $47.5 million, the real-estate experts say it’s already a winning deal for the singer.

Max Mutchnick and Pete Sampras were just some of the mansion’s renowned owners before Ellen Degeneres

Levine only spent $35.5 million when he bought the mansion from Max Mutchnick in 2018. However, the singer claimed he spent another $7 million to renovate his home. All in all, Levine spent $42.5 million on the house while he pocketed the rest as profit. Real estate experts reiterate that the singer still made a decent profit of $2.5 million from the deal.

According to the listing, the sprawling mansion is spread over an area of 10,000 square feet. Levine remodeled the home to allocate 2,000 square-feet for the main residence, including the spacious master bedroom.

The singer also installed a spa for Ellen and Portia to relax and unwind as well as a fully functioning gym for the couple to work out together.

Outdoor Amenities

You’ll also find one kitchen inside and one on the outside for Ellen’s guests to have some barbecue party while lounging in the infinity pool.

The visitors can also enjoy resort-like amenities since Levine installed a separate guest house to give them some privacy to let them feel like they’re home.

If you’re a fan of tennis, you’ll also enjoy playing on its tennis court since the former Tennis superstar Pete Sampras owned the mansion.

Levine makes sure the next owner will feel at home due to its resort-like luxurious amenities.

Levine makes sure the next owner will feel at home due to its resort-like luxurious amenities


While it’s surprising that Ellen ended up buying the mansion for a ludicrous amount, some experts say they aren’t surprised with her decision to move in.

Ellen says she and her wife have been on the lookout for a new real-estate property since they just sold their former mansion for an astounding $18 million.

Meanwhile, Levine says he and his wife Behati will move into Pacific Palisades mansion after purchasing it from Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck for a whopping $32 million.

When asked whether Levine will buy and flip another home in the future, the singer says he’ll definitely do so when he has a chance. He’ll announce any upcoming listings he’ll have so that everyone can have the opportunity to grab it.

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