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Here’s Why Taylor Swift Has Become a Very Important Figure in the Tennessee LGBTQ Community

Taylor Swift, the legendary musician, is no stranger to controversies. However, we still cannot forget the fact that she is a very kind and generous person. According to reports, Taylor has made a rather political move by donating $113K to prevent the legislation against the LGBTQ community in Tennessee.

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Taylor Swift is currently worth an approximate $320 million, which makes this donation seem very small however it is still a very generous amount considering she does not directly benefit from it in any way.

Tennessee Equality Project

The Tennessee Equality Project is an organization which works in the field of legislative advocacy. Recently, the organization has probed over a hundred religious leaders to support a petition against the anti-LGBTQ bills. The organization is of the opinion that these 12 bills are not in the best interest of justice and instead promote discrimination.

According to Chris Sanders, who is the Executive Director of the organization, the 29-year-old singer has donated the amount to the Tennessee Equality Project on Monday. Sanders went on to say that Swift has been helping the LGBTQ community for a long time.

On his official Facebook page, Sanders wrote that Swift is emphatic towards the struggles of the community, adding that she does not shy away from raising her voice along with many religious leaders to fight against the fearful enemy. Furthermore, he wrote that he feels gratitude and honor to have received such a generous donation from Swift at a difficult time like this.

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The Tennessee Equality Project aims to establish equal rights for all groups existing within the boundaries of the state of Tennessee.

The Handwritten Note

Along with the hefty donation, Swift also sent a handwritten note which was shared by Sanders on his Twitter account at the same time that he was expressing his gratitude towards the singer. The note shared Taylor’s sentiments toward the Tennessee Equality Project, revealing how that movement had inspired her and how much she appreciated it. Furthermore, she wrote that she was proud that the Tennessee Equality Project had been fighting for a place to pray, for everyone.

The Situation in Tennessee

The situation in Tennessee is quite intense as there are 12 separate laws waiting to be passed essentially against the LGBTQ community. If any of these bills are enforced, then the rights of the people belonging to the LGBTQ community will be impacted.

Among these rights lays their right to marriage as well, which means that if enforced, the Tennessee Natural Marriage Act will repeal the provision about same-gender marriages which had allowed members of this community to a marry each other.

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The state of Tennessee is inclined towards making some changes to the law which may limit the rights currently being enjoyed by the LGBT community.

Swift’s Political Involvement

Taylor Swift has mostly been quiet about her political stances however she seems to be increasingly failing to maintain her tight-lipped reputation. In the last mid-term elections held in October, she endorsed two candidates belonging to the Democratic side for the Tennessee region. These candidates were Jim Cooper for the House of Representatives and Phil Bredesen for the Senate.

According to Swift, she feels a certain compulsion to make her political stance clear. She wrote that, in the past, she has always felt hesitant to voice her political opinions as she felt like she did not know much about politics. And although now she is feeling increasingly confident in the subject area, she still feels like she needs more education about it.

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