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Hailey and Justin Surprise Fans with Matching Wedding Rings, And You Won’t Believe How Much They Cost!

In June 2018, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin shocked the world when they reignited their romance, just weeks after the Canadian singer called off his relationship with Selena Gomez. Since then, Justin and Hailey were frequently spotted traveling together, attending events, and even having casual coffee and church dates.

Bieber and Baldwin got married on September 13, 2018

Fans could barely keep up with their whirlwind of a romance that went from dating for only a few weeks to a sudden engagement announcement to a spontaneous courtroom marriage, all within a span of few short months. 

Their engagement was so sudden that it even shocked Beiber’s ex, Selena, who suffered a mental breakdown and ended up in rehab.

While Bieber and Baldwin kept their marriage under the wraps, the couple says they’re ready to reveal some details about their plan to have a religious wedding sometime in the future! Let’s start with their expensive matching wedding rings!

The Matching Rings

While Baldwin and Bieber are technically married, the couple still expressed their desire to undergo a religious wedding. It prompted the couple to seek matching wedding bands as they plan to tie the knot before a priest this time.

Bieber and Baldwin were spotted strolling along Cartier's Beverly Hills last May 26.

Bieber and Baldwin were spotted strolling along Cartier’s Beverly Hills last May 26.

According to sources, Bieber chose a platinum C de Cartier ring with a brilliant-cut diamond. The price of the said jewelry tallied up to an astounding $2,680. Meanwhile, Hailey opted for the same wedding band minus the diamond gem.

The Flaunt

While Hailey remained discreet about her new wedding band, her husband had no qualms flaunting it in public. Justin Bieber posted photos and a video on his Instagram account showing off his wedding ring.

Meanwhile, Hailey didn’t remove her engagement ring even after getting the matching bands. Instead, she wears both rings whenever she goes out. According to sources, Hailey’s engagement ring cost a staggering $500,000! No wonder the supermodel isn’t too keen on letting go of it just yet!

The Plan

While Baldwin and Bieber expressed their desire to have a church wedding, the couple didn’t give a specific date yet. They initially set to tie the knot sometime this Summer, but the couple postponed for unknown reasons.

Despite the postponement, Hailey’s sister, Alaia, says they’re both hands-on in planning their wedding. Hailey’s even working with the planners to find a great tropical place as their wedding venue. Since Justin Bieber loves tropical countries, they want their next marriage to happen at a warm place.

Don’t these two look adorable together?

Case on point, Justin couldn’t help but comment on Kylie Jenner’s post where she and her family went to a tropical island trip to celebrate Storm’s first birthday. Justin asked where the invitation for him and Hailey was. Kylie then replied she’ll make sure to invite the “love birds’ the next time.

The Speculations

While the couple keeps mum about the details of their upcoming wedding, some relationship experts speculate it’ll happen in fall. More specifically, around September.

According to them, the couple likely wants to tie the knot for the second time in their first wedding anniversary. Baldwin and Bieber also couldn’t wait to celebrate and share this wonderful moment with their loved ones.

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