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Ex-Wife Claims Robert De Niro is Hiding His Real Net Worth from Her — So, How Rich Is He Exactly?

Robert De Niro is a name in the entertainment industry that never gets old. Apart from the iconic roles he has played in blockbuster films for over 5 decades, the actor also has multiple business ventures, his Nobu restaurant and hotel lines being the most notable ones.

But while business is going well for this multi-millionaire, the same can’t be said about his love life. The renowned actor shocked the world when he announced his divorce with estranged wife Grace Hightower last year.

Fans couldn’t believe their favorite Hollywood couple had parted ways after being together for more than 20 years. But while the adage everything must come to an end holds true for most high profile marriages, de Niro’s fans didn’t expect their marriage would fall apart and end up in a disaster. De Niro is now facing complications in his divorce as Hightower claims he’s hiding some fortune from her!

DeNiro and Hightower signed their prenuptial agreement in 2004.

De Niro and Hightower signed their prenuptial agreement in 2004

The Agreement

According to sources, De Niro and Hightower didn’t split up because of ‘irreconcilable differences’. Instead, their marriage crumbled when the latter discovered a section in their prenuptial agreement that was worded ambiguously.

According to De Niro’s lawyers, the prenuptial agreement, slated in 2004, stated that Hightower is entitled to $500,000 in cash and a lavish $6-million apartment along with $1 million in alimony every year, in case of divorce.

The agreement would also allow her to receive half of the value she and De Niro shared while they’re together.

The Claim

However, Hightower’s lawyers claims that their client is entitled to more wealth from their divorce. De Niro’s estranged wife insists she should get at least 50% of her ex-husband’s wealth and assets based on their prenuptial terms.

Hightower also accused her husband of dishonesty and claims that he didn’t fully disclose his earnings and business ventures to her at the time of drafting the prenuptial agreement.

Hightower was mad at her ex-husband because he didn't treat her as an equal partner when it comes to their finances.

Hightower revealed her ex-husband he didn’t treat her as an equal partner when it comes to their finances

Hightower demands she gets half of De Niro’s wealth that he has accumulated from his business ventures. It includes De Niro’s Greenwich Hotel and Nobu hotels and restaurant chains. According to Hightower’s lawyers, they estimate their client should get a staggering $500 million of De Niro’s fortune.


According to Judge Matthew Cooper, who presides their case, he urges both parties to conduct closed-door meetings to settle their conflict over the prenuptial agreement.

Cooper adds they must achieve a peaceful compromise before the court passes its ruling. No matter what the outcome is, Cooper hints the divorce might reduce De Niro’s net worth and income.

Before they filed their divorce last year, De Niro and Hightower had been the epitome of eternal love in Hollywood. The two grew up as childhood sweethearts, and De Niro courted Hightower for ten years before she married him.

They have two children named Elliott (20 years old) and Helen Grace (6 years old). The couple had also established several foundations and charities to support various causes and philanthropic efforts.

Despite their broken relationship, De Niro wishes his wife happiness as they move on to their separate ways

Freedom At Last

Despite the complication in their divorce process, De Niro reveals he’s happy to be finally free from his estranged wife. According to him, Hightower allegedly controls his finances and business empire.

But now, he’s moving on and building a new life where he can achieve his dreams and goals without holding anyone holding him back.

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