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Who’s the Bigger Style Icon Between Meghan and Kate? This Research Has Declared a Clear Winner

Ever since becoming part of the royal family, the former actress Meghan Markle has been gaining more and more attention from the international community. Just recently, the Dutchess made headlines after giving birth to her first-born son, Baby Archie.

Aside from the controversies surrounding her relationship with sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, most royal fans look forward to seeing the Duchess back in the public eye. Who wouldn’t want to see the 37-year-old beauty in her gorgeous outfits once again?

True enough, this popular fashion platform just hailed Meghan as the top royal influencer in the fashion industry, the title that had previously belonged to Kate Middleton.

The Survey

According to the global fashion platform, Lyst, Meghan Markle beats Kate Middleton when it comes to fashion search queries on the website.

For the past two years, Lyst has analyzed a staggering 20 million search queries from different fashion platforms to determine which member of the British Royal family influences the public to buy and wear their outfits after a public appearance. Research shows most royal fans are keen on recreating Meghan and Kate’s wardrobe nowadays.

The analysis showed a 119% increase in search queries for Kate Middleton’s outfits and wardrobe choices. However, Meghan Markle’s popularity in comparison to her sister-in-law has soared by 216%, effectively beating Kate Middleton and snagging the top spot as the most influential fashion royal in the British Monarchy.  


The company further adds the increase in Meghan’s wardrobe search queries increased sometime in March. Meghan attended Prince Charles’ Investiture wearing a stunning gold and silver brocade dress.

The fans were captivated as she graced the Buckingham Palace with her stunning outfit, which emphasized her baby bump while wearing all smiles.

Fans were captivated as she made an appearance in this stunning outfit which emphasized her baby bump

Ever since Meghan Markle wore the iconic outfit, Lyst had noticed a staggering 500% increase in search queries from fans wanting to buy the gorgeous dress. The company also observed the Duchess’ royal outfits tend to get sold out in just 24 hours after she made an appearance.

The Factors

Meanwhile, the Duchess of Cambridge’s most influential moment in fashion also happened in the same month. Kate’s fans were in awe when the Duchess attended the Commonwealth Day service wearing a sizzling Catherine Walker coat dress.

Lyst noticed Kate's influential searches tend to surge when she swears branded outfits.

Lyst noticed that Kate’s search queries tend to surge when she wears branded outfits

Lyst also noticed these notable factors that affect the two Duchesses’ fashion search queries. For Middleton, her search queries tend to increase if she wears outfits from prestigious brands or designers. Meanwhile, Markle influences her search queries with color. Her fans seem to like her beige, navy, and white dresses.

The Latest Public Appearance

Case in point, Meghan Markle became a top-trending topic again when she made her first public appearance after giving birth. The new mum wore a gorgeous navy blue dress as she attended the Trooping the Color parade for the Queen’s birthday.

Aside from Meghan's royal blue dress, the fans also noticed the

Fans noticed a new diamond ring band on the Duchess’ finger during her recent public appearance

Meghan shared a carriage with Prince Harry and Duchess Kate as they arrive at the Buckingham Palace together. Kate gave a sweet nod to Meghan as she gazed at her outfit. The public interpreted the gesture as approval of Meghan’s appearance.

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