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Cardi B Threw Her Wig in the Crowd and One Lucky Fan Is Now Auctioning It on eBay for an Astounding Price!

When you are in the zone, you tend to get carried away. The same goes when you’re doing something and you don’t want to stop or else you will lose your momentum.

For Cardi B, you can expect this to always happen to her. It is safe to say that every show she graces and performance she does is not like any other. But two things remain the same, fans will never get tired of her quips and antics and that she is bringing her A-game in every event.

Cardi B has been known to be playful when choosing the wigs she wears in appearances

Getting Carried Away

When she graced the Wireless Festival in London on the Fourth of July, it was what was expected, and she did deliver. Like most of her appearances, Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar, or professionally known as Cardi B, donned a wig – fans of the rapper would know how much she is a fan of fake hair.

From blue mermaid-ish long locks to rainbow waves, you’ll always be stunned to see her in eye-popping wigs. Perhaps she even has a collection of it already, but even with that, she is not ready to give some to anyone, even her fans.

In videos circulating, you can see Cardi B taking off her wig while performing and throwing it to the wild audience. The camera panned to the screaming crowd who tried their best to snatch their idol’s very own toupee.

However, the artist regretted her decision and when she shared the clip, she explained in the caption that she did it on the spur of the moment, hence she wanted it back.

Videos would show how fans were fighting over Cardi B’s wig

Fighting Over the Wig

If you were to judge other videos circulating of fans fighting over a wig at the event, incessantly pulling and stretching the strands, then we can conclude that it won’t be back in one piece. Of course, it is quite understandable that people wanted a piece of Cardi B’s personal item, so when it popped out on eBay, nobody was surprised.

The listing called Cardi B’s Wig has over 80 bids with the highest being $14,261! It said that the item was pre-owned and it contained photos of the seller holding the black wig.

The description claims it was the actual wig the Bodak Yellow artist threw “directly” at the seller and girlfriend, which they never imagined would happen in their dreams. The seller further said that the shipping will come from Florida and all proceeds will be given to charity.

The seller said the proceeds will be donated to charity

Another listing said it is selling the biggest chunk of Cardi B’s wig and managed to get one bid for $99.99. The seller explained that a lot of people got pieces of the hair but they got the biggest.

To back this up, the seller said there is a video proving the claim and that the wig smells like the singer. When the Grammy Award-winning artist begged her fans to return her wig on social media, a lot of people predicted that she will just have to look for it on eBay.

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