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These Royals Know How to Vacation in Style, But at What Cost to the Taxpayer?

For the summer holiday and to celebrate little Prince George’s 6th birthday, the Cambridge couple took their family to Mustique, a private island that has actually been a favorite amongst the royals for the past few years now.

Off to the island!

Before Prince George came along, Prince William and his wife had actually been to the island on what was termed their “babymoon”, and it was only right that the young lad celebrated his milestone of a birthday on its sandy beaches.

A Costly Endeavor

And although the family must have had a blast in the two weeks they spent at the Caribbean island, Britons are not all that enthusiastic about the money they blew through while at it.

As multiple sources claim, the Cambridge family spent more than what most people in the UK make in a year. If you were a taxpayer in that country you’d definitely feel the pinch too, wouldn’t you?

The Mustique Island gained global recognition thanks to Princess Margaret who used the place as her hideout spot while she was dealing with marital problems way back in the ’70s.

The island’s owner was so intrigued with the royal that they ended up gifting her 10 acres of prime Caribbean land. How nice! This gift effectively became royal property, hence their frequent presence here.

While on holiday, Prince Harry and family spent their nights at Villa Antilles, a facility where services don’t come cheap at all, and the fact that they have different rates for both the low season and the summer season doesn’t help matters either.

The family spent their nights at the luxurious Villa Antilles

When business is not booming, visitors at the villa have to part with $3,286 on a daily. Steep, right? So how much more do they have to pay when it’s summer? A whopping $3,857 per day. Now take that and multiply by the two weeks the royal family spent there and see your jaw drop.

As it turns out, the Villa Antilles is way more expensive during the festive season. Over Christmas, a guest will be forced to fork out $6,643 for a single night! To be honest, most of us can only spend this much in our dreams, let alone while on vacation. It seems that being royal sure does have its perks, right?

Probable Discount?

All the same, there have been speculations that the Cambridge couple may have received a significant discount, owing to the close friendship the family has with the owners managing the island.

You must have heard of the Couts, right? The family made a name for itself by managing the Queen’s finances, and since they run the island, why not extend a gesture of friendship?

The Queen is headed to Balmoral

Being summer, Prince William and his family weren’t the only ones taking a break from their busy schedule. As you must have guessed, the Queen headed for her favorite Balmoral Castle, and even held a tea party in honor of Meghan Markle who just turned 38 on August 4. How beautiful!

If you haven’t been living on Mars, you must know that Duchess Markle recently bore a son, and the Queen must be proud that her family is growing.

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