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Gorgeous Tennis Players Jet Setting The World

Tennis is a sport that demands extreme agility from the athletes apart from making demands on their time. Tennis players are required to be strong, fast, durable and some women have also added beauty to the sport even as they strive to stay in with the requirements made by the sport.

These gorgeous women are not just adding glamor to tennis but are also a jet-setting from one part of the globe to another by practically living in a plane. Some of the best looking female athletes are involved in the sport of tennis and have changed the sport into one which is now called glamorous. Who are the players that have given tennis the glamor it longed for a number of years?

Let us look at some gorgeous tennis players jet setting the world.

Martina Hingis

While compiling this list we got to meet some of the best and most beautiful players ever to set foot on the courts. Martina Hingis already had the hallmark of a legend when she first began her career. She was an all-natural beauty without any scars of augmented surgery and had one of the strongest serves in the game. Martina rose to the top of the rankings to become the youngest player ever to be ranked as 1 in the world. Martina held the position for 209 weeks and has to her credit three grand slams and over $34 million in earnings.

[su_quote class=”cust-pagination”]I’m not saying I’m something special. I might play a little better tennis than other people, but it is because I was given the chance, and not many people are. ~ Martina Hingis[/su_quote]

Klara Koukalova

The list of beautiful players within the world of tennis would be incomplete without Klara. Klara has now retired but during her prime, she was just as competitive as any player. She began her professional career in 1999 and had a string of impressive victories in the singles competition. Despite winning just $4 million during her career Klara has ensured she will never have to spend a single dollar on liposuction because she has stayed in great shape throughout her career.

Laura Robson

Britain does not have many female tennis players but Laura Robson has been classified as one of the country’s finest exports. Robson was an Olympic silver medalist during the 2012 London games along with Andy Murray. Laura has the looks of the girl next door that has left plastic surgeons ruing their careers. Despite not having a high-profile career Laura has remained competitive and at just 22 years of age, she has plenty of tennis left ahead for her.

Amanda Coetzer

Amanda was nicknamed as the little assassin during her professional career because of her tiny stature and her habit of taking down numerous top-tier athletes. Amanda has a highest-ranking of 3 and a prolific run during the Canadian Open of 1995. She was quite impressive against Serena Williams and Anna Kournikova with a combined record against them of 7-3.

Daniela Hantuchova

Daniela who is from Slovakia seems to be a long-term resident of the tennis world but is looking just as good as ever. Daniela began her professional career in 1999 and received worldwide acclaim in 2002. Daniela is a tall and beautiful blonde who is known for her killer serve and her beautiful looks. She has earned over $10 million during her career and will be happy to claim she will never need to visit a plastic surgeon for surgery.

Caroline Wozniacki

Caroline was born beautiful in Denmark and began her professional career in 2005. After just five years on the circuit, she had reached the top position in women’s tennis in 2010. Despite having amazing looks and intense fame Caroline was unable to live up to the initial hype and failed to win a single major tennis title. She has the looks of a player which can give you the impression that it may have been designed by a plastic surgeon.

These are some of the most beautiful who have graced the tennis courts even as they were required to jet set throughout the globe in pursuit of their careers. Names such as Chris Evert, Gabriella Sabatini, and Steffi Graf are missing from this list not because they were less glamorous than these women. We will be attempting to give you another list with equally beautiful names in the near future.

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