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Why Floyd Mayweather Fully Deserves to Show Off His Multi-Million Dollar Private Jet

When you are an extremely wealthy person, the world finds out about you one way or another. However, thanks to the advent of social media, showcasing your wealth in front of the entire world has become much easier.

In fact, it has become a trend, whereby people love to put up pictures and talk about all the things they own or all the expensive adventures they are having in the exotic parts of the world. So when Floyd Mayweather put up a picture of his private jet on Instagram, we knew it had to be very expensive.

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Mayweather is known for being undefeated in all the matches that he has ever played.

All Angles

Although it is not very common for people to put up pictures of their private jets on social media (mostly because very few people own private jets, to begin with), it makes complete sense to do it. If putting up pictures of your new car or even a bike is considered acceptable online, then a private jet easily makes the cut.

Calling it Air Mayweather, Floyd proved to all his fans as well as haters just how rich he has become. The jet is certainly magnificent, there is no doubt about that fact, and to make sure that people got to see it from all sides, he took many photos of it, both on the outside and inside, and posted them all on his account.

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The years of hard work and dedication that Mayweather has shown in the ring has allowed him to amass an impressive net worth of around $570 million, although other estimates have even estimated it to be around a billion dollars.

The Private Jet

By observing the pictures that have been shared by Mayweather, experts have deduced that the private jet is none other than the Gulfstream G650. Although Floyd obviously did not share the price of his jet on social media (because that would be a very weird thing to do), we now know that his plane must’ve cost around $60 million.

This hefty cost is only for the Gulfstream G650 and does not include the additional expenditure incurred by Floyd to convert the base model into Air Mayweather. Back in 2018, probably as a way of commemorating his 41st birthday or maybe just because the timing felt right to him, Floyd purchased this jet.

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The base model of the Gulfstream G650 does not look like the most luxurious aircraft out there.

This may seem like wasteful spending to some people, but since Floyd travels around the world all the time, he did have the need for it. Reportedly, one time Floyd wanted an Instagram picture in Iceland and he flew there just so he could take that one picture. Also, there is a possibility that he has also flown to France as well as Russia with the same purpose.

Helping the Mayweather Brand

The jet is also a great way for Mayweather to publicize himself even while he is in the air. In that spirit, one of the images posted by him shows one wing that says 50-0 on it, which is his impressive fight record.

One of the posts made by Mayweather shows the fighting champion getting a massage while in the air. Also, to make his travels even more comfortable, Mayweather has hired his own trusted private captain who flies him around the world. Interestingly, this captain also has his own Instagram profile with the handle TMTPILOT.

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