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Don’t Be A Beggar Traveler: 5 Tips To Stay Within Your Vacation Budget

Traveling can be hard on the pocket, but just like all other things, everybody enjoys it once in a while. You definitely can travel even when you are not really earning that much because there are dozens of ways to cut your expenses. Here are some tips so that you can make that next trip possible without it being too tight on your wallet.

Set Your Priorities Straight

Before you start looking online for the best travel deals, you should first define what your priorities are when it comes to travel. Traveling can put quite a strain in your bank account, so it is important to go by a budget instead of just winging it.

If you are just like most people, you are more likely to have to save up before you splurge. If, however, your plans are to experience a different culture, learn about history or just take a few days to relax, you are more likely to find cheap options.

[su_quote cite=”Warren Buffett” class=”cust-pagination”]”Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving.”[/su_quote]

Get Rid of Hotels

The best way for you to save on accommodation charges is to avoid the hotel altogether. If you travel with your family, renting a home or an apartment can be a big saver. Doing so can also be quite comfortable. You get more room and the discrepancy in value is really good, especially if you were planning to get two hotel rooms. You also get to save on meals, and this is something that could rack up your expenses when you are used to checking into hotels.

Get a Travel Related Credit Card

You can utilize the signup bonuses offered with credit cards that have tie-ins with airlines. The miles can accumulate each year without you even flying or spending more than you would if you did not have such card, to begin with. Almost all US carriers offer a card that gives out bonus miles when you sign up and make purchases. More often, the bonus is big enough for you to get a free round-trip economy ticket.

Depending on how your chosen credit card works, you can surely save a lot on airfare and hotels when you redeem your rewards. Since mileage conversion rates can be static, it would be good for you to redeem your points early on.

Travel During the Off Season

If you happen to have a flexible schedule, you can save a ton just by traveling when nobody else does. Not only do you get spend less, you can benefit from the less crowded attractions and have a more relaxed experience compared to when you travel during the regular season. Destinations get crowded at different times, so if you want to save up, take note of when the peak seasons are and plan your travels during the off periods.

In most cases, the best time for travel would be early in the year and during autumn. As for tropical destinations, they can get crowded during the summer or when vacationers are looking for refuge from the cold. Winter may seem like an ideal season to plan travels, but you should watch out for holiday-related price spikes.

Stick to a Budget

Before you even think of heading out, think of your budget. Planning ahead financially is very important when traveling. If you wing it, you might end up spending more than your means and get in a lot of trouble before you know it.

Make sure that your necessities are on hand. Ensure that you have enough for food, shelter and a basic travel fund. You can leave some funds for tours, souvenirs and other forms of leisure, but always be sure to set aside an amount for emergencies.

There are dozens of ways to cut costs while traveling but the most important of all would be discipline. Do not travel when funds are limited or when you have an event that will require a major expense forthcoming. Just as much as travel should be fun, it should not leave you begging in the end.

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