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A Danish Crash-Landing! Private Jet Carrying Pink’s Team Bursts into Flames on Runway

Don’t you just hate it when a story about a plane crash hits the news? More often than not, such crashes result in fatalities for everyone on board, and there’s definitely nothing more painful than the loss of life. Luckily for Pink’s entourage, no one aboard their Cessna 560XL was hurt when the bird crash-landed, instantly catching fire.

Pink’s team had a close brush with death recently

Ten People on Board

The artist’s team, including her manager, were flying from Norway to Denmark, and had just reached Aarhus Airport when the unfortunate incident happened. According to a police statement, there were seven passengers aboard the private plane, with the flight crew consisting of three individuals.

Of the passengers, four were Americans, two were Australians, and one was British. As for the pilots, one was Austrian while the other was German, as was the sole flight attendant on the plane.

And although the police statement didn’t divulge more information about the passengers, Verdens Gang, a Norwegian tabloid, reported that it was actually Pink’s team on board, including her event organizer.

Kristin Svendsen, the tabloid’s source, revealed that the artist herself wasn’t present while confirming those that were. The insider also collaborated the police statement, saying that although the plane caught fire, everything worked out okay.

Immediately after the crash landing, airport footage shows firefighters running to the scene, before whisking the plane away later in the day.

The plane was whisked away later in the day

Pink was just from performing in Oslo (Norway), and her team was traveling to Horsens (Denmark) in preparation for another concert in the city, with both performances being part of her tour dubbed Beautiful Trauma.

Investigations Ongoing

Naturally, questions as to what led to the crash have emerged, and the Danish Accident Investigation Board is running point on finding out exactly what happened. The elephant in the room seems to be how no one got hurt in an accident of such magnitude, with the authorities thinking that there must be more than meets the eye.

All the same, the country’s foreign ministry also made a point of notifying the respective embassies of all the nationals involved in the crash of the incident. The management at Aarhus Airport, however, is keeping a tight lid on things, as attempts to get a comment on the incident by went unsuccessful.

For those in the dark, Beautiful Trauma is Pink’s seventh overall, and is in honor of her seventh album by the same name. Being the strong-willed lady that she is, Pink has turned world tours into her bread and butter, particularly with 2013’s The Truth About Love being that year’s third bestselling trip on the road with $147.9 million.

Pink is in demand!

When the singer announced her latest tour, the plan was to only perform 40 shows, and that was back in 2017. However, such was the demand that it’s now 2019, and Pink is still touring the world and performing in front of sold-out stadiums. Talk of being a successful performing artist!

Scheduled to be part of this tour is a performance for the Rock in Rio festival, which will mark Pink’s first-ever concert in Brazil. We all know that the South American folks will love hosting her, don’t we?

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