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The Best Time To Buy the Cheapest Flights

With Thanksgiving and Christmas season right around the corner, a lot of people with traveling to go home and visit family or maybe go on a vacation. This is one of the busiest times of the year for airlines, which is why there will be a lot of discounts on airplane tickets. Tickets aren’t exactly cheap, but you can save a little money with you knew where to look. So whether you’re going home to visit the folks or maybe going out of town for a well deserved R&R, then here are some tips on how to save a small fortune on airline tickets, that we think you’ll need for this upcoming season.

Days That Are Cheapest To Fly

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When is it cheapest to fly?

If you are flying anywhere in the United States, then the cheapest days to fly are usually on a Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. If you are going overseas then you should book your flights on a weekday rather than a weekend since it is a lot more cheaper. If your flight is in the United States then we suggest that you don’t book your flight on a Friday or a Sunday since it is usually the most expensive. Also the best time to book your departure is during times that people don’t want to fly like during the dawn since a lot of people are still asleep, or during lunch and dinner time.

Tickets Are Usually Cheapest on a Tuesday

In the United States, airline tickets are usually the cheapest on a Tuesday, since a lot of airlines usually release new ticket sales on Tuesdays 3pm Eastern time. These sales are usually gone really fast, so you should check the prices on these days. Competitors will always try to match each other in terms of offers so it’s a good thing for customers since they will be able to have a lot of choices to choose from.

Do Not Book Your Flight Too Early or Too Late

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Book a flight at just the right time

Booking a last minute ticket will surely cost you a lot of money, but did you know that if you book a flight too early, might also cause you a bit more. You have to book your flight at just the right time, and that usually differs. The ideal booking period for a flight within the United States is usually around 3 months before your chosen departure date. For overseas trips then the ideal time to book a flight is around 5 months before flying. During peak seasons such as June, July, and August; Thanksgiving or Christmas/New Year’s, then you should buy the tickets at least 2 months before departure because after that the prices will only just keep on getting steeper. So usually airlines offer discounts for Thanksgiving or Christmas/New Year’s flights until around October 30.

How to Look for the Best Deal

When someone goes shopping, they don’t just go to one store and buy whatever they want from there. Yes, it’s alright to have a favorite store, but it’s still a better idea to go and compare it from other stores. Buying airplane tickets is the same deal, so you go and check prices on your favorite airlines then compare it to other airlines in order to find the best possible deal. It would help you check the prices from other airlines and help you save a lot of money in the process.

Try Connecting Flights

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Connecting flights are a lot cheaper

A direct flight will be a more comfortable and faster way to travel, but it will be more expensive compared to a connecting flight. So if you’re not in a rush or maybe trying to save money during your trip then it is a good idea to try and look at connecting flights. You should always check prices for direct flights and connecting flights before booking a trip then compare. So if you’re fine with the longer travel time and doing multiple stops to get to your destination, then you should go for a connecting flight since it will help you save a fortune on plane tickets.

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