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You Won’t Believe the Amount of Wealth David Bowie Left Behind

2016 wasn’t an exciting year in the entertainment industry even though they were loads of happiness and successes in the music sector. This was the year David Bowie died leaving £600million wealth to his family. The singer had amassed so money from property sales, world tours and sales from his songs that even after his death, his fortune continues to soar.

While he was alive, Bowie wrote almost 700 hit songs, selling over 140 million records worldwide. However, he made a most of his money from live appearances when he toured the world from 1974 to 2004. Bowie’s Reality Tour in 2004 was by far the most successful one that earned him £41million.

The singer also started his own financial firm under the name of ‘Bowie Bonds’ that allowed investors to partner with him in his future earnings. The investment from these partners gave him £35 million after he sold the bonds to Prudential Insurance Inc.

During his lifetime, Bowie travelled frequently, and some of the places became very close to his heart. The singer had several properties around the world including Chelsea district, London’s Kensington, Sydney, Mustique, Switzerland, Sydney, New York and Los Angeles.

He eventually ended up selling his home in London for £7.2million because of the swarm of paparazzi that camped outside his residence 24/7. A penthouse apartment he bought for £5million in the Soho district of Manhattan served as his main home.

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