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Wendy Williams Partners with New Foundation Following Her Devastating Split from Cheating Husband

Just like her marriage to Kevin Hunter, Wendy Williams’ charity organization, The Hunter Foundation, has also now been dissolved. Wendy Williams shocked the world when she announced her split with Kevin Hunter two months ago, amidst series cheating allegations.

Hunter and Williams were married for more than two decades before they decided to part ways. While tabloids had been reporting marital troubles between the couple long before Wendy confirmed the separation, it is speculated that the news of Hunter’s mistress giving birth to their illegitimate child proved as the last nail in the coffin.

Wendy Williams announced she'll dissolve the

Wendy Williams announced the dissolution of the Hunter Foundation shortly after she filed divorce last month

Unfortunately, the foundation they built together became part of the collateral for their broken relationship. Following the announcement of their foundation’s dissolution, Williams assured the public she’ll still support the causes she holds close to her heart.

As of this writing, the renowned TV host is already launching a new foundation in the near future, this time choosing to do it solo.

The New Foundation

A week after Williams announced the disbandment of The Hunter Foundation, the renowned TV host stated she’s set to support another foundation that’s close to her heart. Together with her son, Kevin Hunter Jr., they partnered with SNAX-Sational Brands to provide backpacks to homeless children in New York City.

Wendy Williams announced the partnership while attending the  Sweets and Snacks Expo last Wednesday.

Wendy Williams announced the partnership while attending the Sweets and Snacks Expo last Wednesday

Not only that, but the partnership also aims to provide shelter to the homeless people and help the impoverished community to thrive. The foundation will secure its funds from selling products like candies and cookie pops, and pasta chips, and any donations made to the charity.

The Cause

The funds they accumulate will support Wendy Williams’ favorite charity, Operation Backpack which is working on improving educational standards for impoverished communities where thousands of children don’t get the opportunity to go to school due to poverty or domestic violence.

Williams says that heart mourns for these children, so she wants to help them in her own way. While the organization’s initiative might not be as impactful as many would think, having a backpack is essential for these children.

A bag, which carries children’s’ school supplies, serves as a symbol of hope and motivation for them to work hard for a brighter future. A small but impactful deed that can go a long way in shaping these kids’ future.

The renowned TV host reveals she'll continue to support foundations since her parents instilled her the values of gratitude and giving back to the society.

The renowned TV host reveals she’ll continue to support other foundations in order to give back to the society

A Happier Wendy Williams

Despite enduring a crippling blow from her estranged husband’s cheating scandal, Wendy Williams is healthier and happier than ever before.

Fans noticed Williams’ enthusiasm and excitement as she announced her partnership with the new charity. The television host was also accompanied by her son showed support for his mother and even posed for photos with her.

While Wendy Williams is ready to walk away and move on to a new foundation, her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter, is also putting his best philanthropic foot forward with a new charity which helps substance abusers recover from the addiction and start a new life again.

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