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You Would Be Surprised to Know The Worth of Jay Leno’s Famous Car Collection

Many people know that Jay Leno, who is the well-known former host of The Tonight Show as well as a standup comedian, has a huge collection of cars, and although we cannot estimate the value of his whole collection since it has automobiles of different models and value, however, this huge collection demands a short discussion on its worth.

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The beautiful collection of cars owned by Jay Leno is unique as it’s a mix of old as well as new cars.

Leno had been working as a cars salesman during the day shifts while he was working in Los Angeles as a comedian during the night.  However, his passion for automobiles can be traced back even before that. When he was young, Leno purchased his first automobile for $350 after saving enough money out of his meager earnings.

His First Automobile

In an interview which he gave to CNBC, Leno disclosed that the first automobile which he bought was a pickup truck made by the company Ford. Although it was not in a working condition, however, his dad encouraged him to fix it before obtaining his driving license which was due in 2 years and, after much trial and error, he eventually managed to fix it.

An Extensive Collection

That was the beginning of his car collection and, since then, Leno has collected more than 170 cars and thousands of motorcycles. According to reports, the value of these cars is almost $100 million. His collection has some expensive cars as well, valued at more than $1 million.

For example, he has a McLaren P1, made in 2014, which is estimated to be worth around $1.35 million. Apart from such luxurious cars, he also has a collection of classic cars, such as a Mercedes 300 SL made back in 1955 and also a GM EcoJet made back in 2006.

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Leno’s McLaren P1 is a work of art, and one of the fanciest cars that the automobile enthusiast owns.

Some of his collection of cars is kept in the basement of his home which is accessible through an elevator that descends from his bedroom. Much of the collection, however, is stored in Burbank, in a separately-owned facility.

The cars that he likes to keep close at his home include the Batman Tumbler Chevrolet B8, which is the same car that was featured in the Batman series made by filmmaker Christopher Nolan. The designs of many of the cars in his collection have also been used as inspiration for the cars featured in video games like LA Noire.

He Loves Automobiles

Leno’s love for automobiles is very evident from the fact that he can often be seen driving around in one of the cars from his collection. He is mostly seen in the classics or the unusual cars that he owns, most probably because these cars stand out from other cars on the roads in both their make and their design.

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Driving around in vintage cars seems to be Leno’s style, and we love it!

When Leno signed up for The Tonight Show, many of his existing fans were already fascinated by his remarkable car collection. To give them more insight into the beautiful cars that he owns, Leno also hosts another series on the NBC network called Jay Leno’s Garage.

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