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Are You A Posh Person?

A lot of people nowadays would do basically anything just for them to look rich. Which is pretty easy, it is like saying that everyone can be rich but not everyone can be posh. It is actually a fact.


Most people think that just because you are rich that would mean you are incredibly posh as well. There is actually a big difference between the two. Rich people have a lot of money, but there are chances that they will run out of money and they will no longer be rich, technically, not a lot of people stay rich in their entire lifetime.

However, a posh person, on the other hand, doesn’t need a lot of money to be considered as posh. Simply because, a posh person is a classy person, and class is permanent. They’re basically born of the noble bloodline. They speak and act way too differently compared to rich people. It actually depends on the whereabouts though, in the United States, class would always mean that you have a lot of money, so technically, you’re rich. However, in the United Kingdom, being well-educated states your class, which is basically the correct way of putting it.

A person who eats at McDonald’s, even if he or she is the president of a company, is a rich person, not a posh person. Then a person who has a decent paying job, but belongs to an aristocrat bloodline, and at the same time, who looks and acts with proper etiquette, are considered to be posh. There aren’t a lot of posh people in the world now, so if you want to see one, you can find them most commonly in the United Kingdom here is how you can spot one.


People who are posh doesn’t laugh out loud, especially in public, they often simply smile or giggle softly. They don’t really slouch when they’re sitting down, and they would always have their chin up. Posh people also keep their opinions to themselves, so social media rants are not what posh people do. Celebrities and socialites have indeed millions of dollars in their bank accounts, but they will never have such poised and reserved characters. Posh people never brag and they are also very likable and sociable since they are indeed very nice and easy to talk to. There is no such thing as a posh snob. While normal people learn their ABC’s at home, posh people learn proper etiquette first. They learn how to have good manners, and they will carry it as they grow older.


It is always about a classy character and elegant fashion sense. A posh person doesn’t always follow a fashion trend. Instead, they make sure that they loom fashionable but elegant at the same time. It’s not always about wearing Valentino shoes, and carrying an exclusive Givenchy bag, it’s all about looking decently elegant.

Posh people always carry themselves with such grace and poise. These people always make sure that they wear clothing that suits them and flatter their body type, but it also has to be comfortable. Posh women would never wear extremely short skirts and ten-inch heels. You also wouldn’t see posh men wearing denim jeans that hang low on their waist.


Posh people often knows all about history, politics, and sciences. They know all about their culture and can talk about it with such confidence, they could also win an argument against someone over politics, without actually heating things up. Most of them are also fluent in two or more languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, and more. They are also often aware of the things that are going on in the world, these people always seek wisdom and are open for foreign ideas. It is basically just their nature, especially being articulate.


Last but definitely not the least, if you truly want to spot a posh person, then it is best to get yourself into golf, horseback riding, polo, lacrosse, fencing, car racing and croquet. Posh people also knows how to fish, hunt, and shoot.

Do you think you’ll now be able to tell if a person is posh? Let us know in the comments who are the famous posh people you know.

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