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The Shocking Reason Oprah Winfrey Bought an Entire Orchard

Very few people would be willing to buy an entire orchard to meet their demand for their favorite fruit at a lower price than that being charged by the market, and apparently, Oprah Winfrey is one of them. According to reports, Winfrey bought an entire orchard of avocados because she realized that avocados were becoming very expensive in the market.

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There is nothing that Oprah Winfrey wants and cannot get, considering the immense wealth she has under her name.

Obsessed With Avocados

We already know about Winfrey’s obsession with avocados thanks to her The Daily Show interview. When Trevor Noah asked her about the everyday routine that she follows, which is different from the glamorous life she lives on the screen, Winfrey remarked that many parts of her life are normal.

For example, she likes to carry her own bread when she travels because she does not like all kinds of bread available on the road. She also carries her own basket of avocados now because she owns an avocado orchard.

The fact that Winfrey has her own orchard of avocados astounded Noah, mostly because this is not a very common asset for a celebrity to possess. But Winfrey was of the opinion that avocados are getting expensive in the market and, if one can afford to buy an orchard, then it is much wiser to invest in one from a long term perspective.

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Avocados are very nutritious and a favorite of many people around the world due to their distinct taste.

Why Her Own Bread?

As for the fact that she carries her own bread with her, in one of her interviews, Winfrey remarked that she does not eat just any kind of bread that is readily available. According to her, she is very specific about the type and quality of bread that she consumes, as this bread is manufactured by none other than Model Bakery. Also, she likes muffins manufactured by one bakery in Napa Valley. According to reports, these muffins cost her $40 per dozen, a price which also includes one preserves jar.

There is no doubt that Winfrey is a huge fan of her avocados orchard, which is evident by the fact that she has often shared pictures of it in the past. One photo that she posted back in the year 2013 was of a basket full of avocados and figs from her orchard.

According to the post, Winfrey planned on chopping up the figs adding them to her oatmeal. In another photo shared by her, she carried a basket full of avocados and compared them to roses that blossom during the spring, alluding to their exceptional beauty.

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Being close to nature, we bet there is nothing more Oprah enjoys than enjoying the produce that has grown in her own backyard.

Very Specific About Routine

Winfrey is very specific about her normal life routine. Unlike other celebrities who spend their mornings working out, Winfrey likes to spend some quality time with nature. She is also very specific about her personal hygiene, even washing her underwear by herself.

When Noah asked Winfrey about something that she would never do in her normal routine, Winfrey responded by saying that she never changes the toilet paper if the roll runs out. It is the duty of some other personnel at her home to check the rolls of toilet paper, and also to fold them properly after one uses the washroom.

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