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How to Save Money On Utility Bills

The rising costs of living are forcing many people to cut down on the expenditure of for types including utilities. Cutting on utility bills is not an easy task unless you have some proven ideas which are working for you. If you are however short on ideas we suggest you read about how to save money on utility bills because it will prove beneficial for you.

Utility providers do offer a free home energy audit to their clients and it’s an offer you should not be ignoring. If the companies in your area are not making any such offers can conduct your own energy audit because it will clearly identify how to save money on utility bills. We are providing you a few tips which will prove helpful.

[su_quote cite=”Dave Barry” class=”cust-pagination”]”We believe that electricity exists, because the electric company keeps sending us bills for it, but we cannot figure out how it travels inside wires.”[/su_quote]

Dimmer switches can help you to save money on utility bills

You may not have realized this but an easy method to save money on utility bills is to install dimmer switches because they will help you to use the precise amount of light you need.

An empty fridge will not help you save money on utility bills

You may often have been told that the fridge must be kept closed but may never have heard a word about keeping a fridge full. Keeping your fridge and freezer filled will also keep your wallet full because you will save money on utility bills. The food in the fridge will act as an insulator and lessened the amount of time the fridge has to function to remain cool.

Installing ceiling fans will prove helpful in saving money on utility bills

Your air-conditioner will not be required to function at optimum levels if you keep the air circulating in your home with the help of ceiling fans. A fan in the attic will also help pull cool air into the home while helping to remove the hot air.

Line dry your laundry

Have a clothesline in your backyard and use the natural power of nature to dry your laundry. This will be a better option than using a dryer which will consume energy. If the option isn’t available to you consider using a drying rack or any other alternatives.

Eliminate phantom loads

This may surprise you but an astounding 75% of the energy used by electronics from home is consumed when they are not on. The electronics include televisions, VCRs, stereos, computers and a number of kitchen appliances. You can utilize a simple option to save money on utility bills by plugging these systems into power outlets and getting into the habit of turning off the outlets when the appliances are not being used.

Shielding your home from the sun

You can cut down the use of air-conditioners by closing curtains and blinds in the Sunnyside of your home. If you want to save even more money on utility bills you should consider installing tinted window film.

Schedule HVAC maintenance yearly

HVAC systems need to be maintained regularly for increased efficiency. The onus of having the HVAC systems inspected and cleaned yearly will be upon you. You will also be giving yourselves an opportunity to breathe cleaner air and staying away from airborne diseases.

Regular change of filters will also help

Yearly maintenance of your HVAC systems will not ensure that your filters will remain clean. If you want your HVAC system to function efficiently and to save money on utility bills the filters must be changed monthly.

Use LED bulbs

LED bulbs use 90% less energy than bulbs of the incandescent variety. Switch off the bulbs you are most likely to use in your home and replace the rest with LED bulbs when they burn out.

Have some shade around the home

Plant some trees around your home to ensure your air-conditioning units will not have to work as hard as they are doing presently.

Lower the temperature of the hot water

Approximately 13% of the electricity of your home is used for heating water. Lowering this percentage is not difficult if you set the hot water heater at 130-140°. If you are trying to save money on utilities you should consider installing an insulation jacket for the first 6 feet of piping that comes from your heater.

If you decide to use the tips provided in this discussion we are certain you will no longer ask how to save money on utilities because you would have found a solution which was at your fingertips all along.

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