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PROOF that Kanye West’s Spending Habits are Getting Out of Control

Everyone knows Kanye West is very rich, but not many of us know how extravagant the rapper can be when it comes to personal expenses.  The rapper who spent $35 million for purchasing one of the best properties money can buy has nothing stopping him from getting the best things of life for himself and family.

With Kim Kardashian as his wife and a successful sneaker brand under his name, Ye has plenty of money to go around for the entire family – and many generations to come after him.

To prove his taste for extravagant things, West spent a total of $140k just on flowers for his wife Kim over a period of one year. If that’s not shocking enough, the rapper also forked over  $613k on four gold-plated toilets for his home. It was reported that he once spent$750k for six beds for their Bel Air mansion.

To ensure that the family was safe from robbers after the Paris incident, West blew $6m for a private security team, and  they are also Kim’s lookalikes to push away kidnappers. In 2016, West spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on furniture but ended up throwing it away because he didn’t like it.

West even spent $350,000 to get a replica of the Sistine Chapel ceiling on the ceiling of his New York dining room, one that depicted West as an angel. Think of what that such money can do to an average man in the United States of America.

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