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People are Rejoicing over Keanu Reeves’ Campaign Shots for Saint Laurent

There are a few individuals in this world that are exceptionally likable, as in people just generally love them. On the short list are TV host and philanthropist Ellen DeGeneres and influential celebrity Oprah Winfrey. Another one is Keanu Reeves, a multi-hyphenate Canadian actor who was recently announced to be the new face of luxury brand Saint Laurent.

Dramatic Shots

The multi-faceted man can add “model” to his colorful resume after Saint Laurent revealed through its Instagram account that “The Matrix” actor is the face of their Fall/Winter collection. Through a series of monochromatic photos, Keanu can be seen seemingly deep in thought as he posed with his chin-length hair, which was for the latest installment of his “John Wick” films.

In one shot, the 54-year-old was clad in a black button shirt and a pin-striped blazer and sported aviators. His hair was messily tied back that emphasized his forehead.

Keanu Reeves stunned in a series of black and white photos.

Another campaign photo gave us a glimpse of Keanu’s eyes as he posed for the camera donning a leather jacket, a polka dot shirt, and black jeans. This time, his hair was let loose, with one side tucked behind his ear, and it was what made the look so alive. The last image saw the star closing his eyes and bowing down, wearing a black aviator jacket.

The latest campaign was far from the last ones of Saint Laurent pieces we saw at the runway, which did not fall short of glow in the dark clothes. But with Keanu’s versatility and mammoth star factor, there’s no chance he couldn’t have pulled the colorful looks, too.

Praises for Keanu Reeves

Fans were all praises for the new face of Saint Laurent

Meanwhile, the announcement received wonderful comments mostly from his fans and garnered hundred thousands of likes, which explains the number of people who adore him. At the comment section, supporters praised the icon, even describing him as the “best thing” that happened in the world of fashion. Have you ever wondered why so many love Keanu?

Good Deeds

If you’ve been active on the internet in the past years, then you probably have seen photos of Keanu on the train or by the park. That’s because he has been living life like a good, regular person who doesn’t seem to let the limelight get to his head.

He has been commended basically for his random good deeds that we hope we could see more from other celebrities. At one time, he was photographed feeding koi fish at a park and it showed how he was enjoying the activity.

Keanu Reeves has been known as an actor with a good heart

Way back 2011, Keanu gave his seat for a woman on the subway, this one was elaborately detailed in a series of photos shared on social media, which showed the actor’s selfless nature. In March, a video surfaced showing the “Knock Knock” actor helping those who were stranded after a flight had to make an emergency landing. Of course, who would forget the time he gave more than $50 million away from his earnings in “The Matrix” to the special effects and costume department of the picture.

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