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Jason Momoa’s 168-Pound Birthday Cake is a Piece of Art, But Making It Wasn’t Easy

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of birthdays? Some are paralyzed with stress about getting older, others look at it as a reason to indulge in a drink — or ten, but almost all of us expect to be treated with a cake to celebrate the special occasion.

Would a celebration ever be complete without one? That’s why when Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa turned 40 recently, his friends surprised him with a massive dessert that was not only pleasant-looking but was also a representation of a lot of things in the star’s life.

This man just turned 40!

Cake Fit for a Khal

Would you believe that the Aquaman star is really 40? This was quite unbelievable, but nonetheless, it calls for some major celebration. The star’s friends decided to surprise him with a party in London and what better way to do this than with a gigantic cake – without exaggeration, the dessert in question weighed about 168 pounds!

Who could possibly do such a humongous creation? Apparently, it was the same person responsible for the very life-like Aquaman bust made exclusively for the premiere of the DC film last year.

Aggy Dadan, the owner of the UK-based bakery behind the creation, revealed that she had spent seven days on the cake alone. The cake base was infused with Guinness and whiskey, two of Jason’s favorite things to drink.

The result of her hard work? A dreamy gigantic masterpiece with a mountain on one side and a beach wave on the other, all placed on top of a colossal surfboard. Fans of the actor would know that he loves mountain-climbing and surfboarding, so the decadence was all sorts of his favorite things.


According to Aggy, the celebrity’s trainer Mada Abdelhamid requested her to make the big cake, giving her details about the actor’s favorite hobbies and food preferences, leaving the actual design of the masterpiece up to her, which she said she really admired since they had given her freedom to use her creativity.

The baker also revealed that apart from the things that represent Jason, she incorporated some elements that symbolized his son and wife, too, since he is a family man.

The moon on the cake signified Lisa Bonet

The wolf represented his child Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa while the moon, his wife Lisa Bonet. To make it even more personalized, and perhaps to glue the theme of the entire affair, Aggy added two identical Jason figurines – one swinging from the mountain, and the other, surfing on a big wave, all made with edible sugar and chocolate. The massive board actually had a wooden skeleton, which was covered in sugar.


With that size, you couldn’t possibly make that in just a few hours. For the board alone, Aggy already had two days to make it perfect because it needed to carry 168 pounds of cake so it should definitely be sturdy enough. She spent two days for the figurines, which she regarded as the hardest things to do because of the heatwave in the country.

The chocolate figurines rendered the hardest to do because of the heatwave

Because of the high temperature, the chocolates quickly melted. For the figurines alone, it took her three tries and a day and a half to finish. All the efforts paid off when everyone only had nice things to say about Aggy’s creation as even Jason loved it.

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