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How Gareth Bale’s Mother Helped Him Build a Fortune of £86 Million

Gareth Bale made history in the world of soccer when he moved from Tottenham to Real Madrid in 2013 to earn a total of £86 million from the soccer club. Bale became the world’s most expensive player with lots of endorsements that increased his yearly earnings. Wales’ superstar player is a shrewd multi-millionaire who often consults with his mother before making any important investments.

With his weekly salary of £350,000, he has almost everything money can buy, from cars to mansions to yachts. When your fortune is over £24.5 million, you are at liberty to show off your extravagant lifestyle on social media to make others envious of your success.

But, he invests his money with advice from his mother to fund a life of luxury without worries of the future. Bale hires his exotic cars instead of blowing around £2.15m for a custom-made Bugatti Chiron like some of his colleagues. The footballer is a member of Auto Vivendi, a rental company that allows him to access a supercar worth £300,000 every two months. Although Bale stays away from flashy cars because it affects his hamstrings and opts for family-friendly cars.

Bale’s endorsements in 2017 fetched him over £7.5m. He has a £20m deal with Adidas for six year that ends in 2020. With his childhood sweetheart, Emma Rhys-Jones by his side and their two kids, Alba Violet and Nava Valentina, their home becomes sweet when he is in town.

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