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Film Crazy Rich Asians Has Business Lessons For Us All

Usually when you think about Asian films, the first image which must pop into your head is that of an actor or actress performing martial arts stunts, right? Well, be glad to know that you are part of the majority here, and its not that we are stereotypical or anything, but the fact is that a lot of Asian films, at least those which gain popularity in the west, have a lot of action in them.

But not this one. With Crazy Rich Asians, you are not going to get any of that. Instead, John Chu, the director of this film, has made sure to keep it true to the Kevin Kwan novel and maintain its light-mood aura.

The film Crazy Rich Asians provides a humorous take on a business scenario

However, the film does not only offer entertainment but also life lessons, provided you’re willing to take them, of course. But we have done the hard work for you and already extracted all of those lessons. Bear in mind these lessons are largely for those who are about to inherit family fortunes, to teach them those essential skills required to handle large sums of money as inheritors.

The Training of the Successors

The biggest challenge which comes from passing on wealth from one generation to the next is the willingness of the younger generation to take responsibility of it.

All of us know the lifestyles of the rich, so it becomes particularly difficult to convince a young man living in New York City with practically unlimited wealth to come back home and take over business matters of the family empire. That is what is highlighted in the film as well, where home is Singapore.

Success Is the Best Reply to the Haters

The movie shows one character, a Singaporean woman Eleanor Sung-Young, back in 1995 trying to check into a  hotel but being turned away by the hotel staff only because she is heard by them speaking in Chinese. Of course, this is meant to highlight the racist undertones in British culture which were prevalent at that time, but there is another lesson in this.

The woman, upon being turned away, makes a phone call and buys the hotel, gaining absolute control over the property and then going to her suite with her family. This scene shows that success is the ultimate reply to all those who doubt you, hence hard work is necessary to maintain that respect which inheritors of wealth usually enjoy throughout their lifestyles.

Understand the Nature of Politics

Politics is not something which anyone can avoid, given that human beings are political animals and every social interaction between us will always have political undertones no matter how friendly we may become to each other.

This is especially true in the workplace environment where everyone is more concerned about personal wealth and career progression instead of a collective good, and for inheritors of wealth this is an important lesson to understand as early on in their ascent to power as possible.

The film also leaves a good lesson to deal with politics. Rachel Chu, played by Constance Wu, shows us that the best way to deal with the troubles caused by a political environment is to ensure one’s principles and identity values are secured while naturally dealing with all circumstances which may present themselves to you.

Workplace politics can be dangerous, but the character Rachel Chu shows what needs to be done.

Friendships are Important

The film also reminds us that friendships are very important in this entire mix. The character of Goh Peik Lin, played by the famous rapper Awkwafina, is long-time friends of Rachel, and when the latter is forced to adjust to the rich and posh social situations of Singapore, it is Goh who helps her friend navigate through these different social circumstances in the best way possible so that she is able to maintain her sanity through all of this. Having good, loyal friends who understand you is essential to maintaining peace of mind.

The Truth and Nothing But the Truth

The film also involves a dark secret which had been kept hidden since a very long time, and the best lesson to be derived out of it is that, no matter how bitter, the truth must be laid out in the open at least within the family when cohesion between all members is required to run the business efficiently.

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