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Facts You Didn’t Know About Tom Selleck’s Wealth

Tom Selleck excelled brilliantly at most of the things he did while growing up. He played for the University of Southern California’s Trojans men’s basketball team, got a sports scholarship, and even worked as a part-time model. He was encouraged to try acting and he found his footing in the Beverly Hills Playhouse.

He did a few small roles before getting his first breakthrough in the form of The Dating Game. After that offers started lining up on his door and he eventually landed a contract with Twentieth Century Fox.

He ended his movie career in 1967 when he joined the American army to fight in Vietnam. He came back in 1973 and started hunting for fortune and fame. He got a lot of offers but his major break came with a TV show, Magnum P.I. Magnum P.I had its challenges that he was able to overcome. The show got nominated for Emmy awards and he won the Golden Globe award in 1985.

Besides his impressive movie and tv career, Selleck also owns a cattle farm and lives in a ranch. He could make a comeback in Hollywood if he wanted to and make blockbuster films once again. However, he is not interested in coming back after the damage celebrity lifestyle had caused him. He is happier staying out of the limelight with his wife and daughter.

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