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Daily Habits You Should Be Stealing From Athletes

Thinking about athletes could set your mind on the kind of money they earn and the lavish lifestyles they could be leading. You may want to get a share of both and the only way you can lay your hands on either would be to steal them if possible. Rather than consider stealing their money or their lavish lifestyle you should be considering stealing their daily habits which would have put them in the position they are.

The athletes we are going to talk about are all highly respected and Masters of the discipline they are involved in. In order to stay at the top of the rankings, they are putting in plenty of hard work and even have some habits that help them to take good care of themselves. You will definitely stand a chance to have plenty of money and a lavish lifestyle if you decided to adopt some of their daily habits. Let us look at some athletes that have a routine that could send you cringing.

[su_quote cite=”Tupac Shakur” class=”cust-pagination”]”All I’m trying to do is survive and make good out of the dirty, nasty, unbelievable lifestyle that they gave me.”[/su_quote]

Kassidy Cook

Kassidy Cook is a diving champion who has a routine that could give you shivers. A day before to a competition Kassidy has a bath in a tub filled with ice to ensure her legs have received the rest they deserve and are ready to go when she arrives at the pool the next morning. The objective is to give her legs the rest they want and leave them fresh for the most important dives. Cook is just listening to her body and getting enough sleep every night by unplugging herself from work consistently.

Novak Djokovic

Djokovic has a specific routine his day and he makes a start by having a large cup of water which is maintained at room temperature, 2 tablespoons of honey and a nutrient-rich breakfast of muesli, oatmeal, nuts, seeds, fruits, coconut oil and nondairy milk or coconut water.

This ritual is designed to set Djokovic’s body for the ultimate success. If you decide to adopt the daily habits of Djokovic and apply yourselves to the sport of tennis you could perhaps join him soon to enjoy the money and the lavish lifestyle.

Michael Phelps

has a sleeping situation which is considered as unique. Every night Phelps sleeps in a special altitude chamber to get some high-quality sleep. These contraptions do not come close to being inexpensive in any way and you can easily get some high-quality sleep by using other methods such as making your room dark and cool and keeping any electronics away from your bed. You must also make an attempt to fall asleep and wake up according to a schedule you create every single day.

Usain Bolt

Being the fastest man in the world is not an easy task but if anyone knows about it, it should be Usain Bolt. Despite understanding the importance of having plenty of vegetables while training Bolt explains his top priority is sleep because it gives his body the opportunity to repair itself and build upon the hard work he has undergone throughout the day. If you want to adopt a similar habit you may as well begin learning some sprinting because you need to catch up with the fastest man on this planet.

These athletes have developed a specific routine for themselves and are unfailingly following it regularly. If you are not one among them or believe you can never get close to them you should be trying to steal some of their daily habits. Of course we understand it would be difficult for you to indulge in a bath of ice or adopting a routine of having a heavy nutrient-rich breakfast as Djokovic does but it is all about helping yourselves and if you want to make the best of your days you should be embracing habits that will bring your better self out of you.

Rather than consider stealing the money or the lavish lifestyles of famous athletes you should be looking at the daily habits you should be stealing from athletes.

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