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3 Things You Need to Know Before Working for a Start-up

So the job descriptions you encounter say, “Friendly and fun with loads of space for career growth, learning, and development.” As enthusiastic and interactive as it goes in the first few interviews, the upcoming years might become overwhelming at the same pace. Growth comes with experiences and experiences are not always as happy as you are right now. But with some proper arrangements, a made-up mind, and a positive attitude, you can grab the crown of victory for yourself.

If you’re thinking of working for a start-up then you need to be sure of the following 3 secrets which no one would tell you, especially if it is your first job.

  1. Everything you’re asked to do had always been a part of your job.

It is as it goes, you got to roll your sleeves up and dive right in. Unlike the other well-grown establishments that have definite policies, workflow and SOPs, working with a startup means you need to get your hands dirty. While you may be given a job title and description, your role and activities will vary according to the projects taken.

You need to handle pretty much everything and “this isn’t part of my job” is not applicable. There will be days when you’ll answer the phones, order coffee, present a report and maybe, talk with a client – and all of this is required during your 9 to 5.

If you planned to be a part of this battle, take your responsibilities (and some of others’) seriously. Whatever the case is, you’re surely going to learn some million dollar tactics including time management, multitasking, and adjusting to any circumstances.

  1. You must be really, really comfortable with changes.

Start-ups make changes very often, and sometimes every day because they do not have hundreds of employees working in a flow with definite policies. You need to understand that this organization is struggling to make its own place in the market by taking risks to compete in the business environment. You have to deal with the changing resources, sometimes co-workers as well, different assignments, diverse tasks, reporting authorities, plans, and policies. Changing behaviors and attitudes are no exception and its okay if you did not see this coming.

These constant changes can be frustrating for you especially when you’re just getting acquainted. Once you’re in a start-up you have to learn to embrace the chaos, bid goodbye to the panic attacks and say hello to creativity. Show them the power of your punch in adversity and change of roles, and that’s the only way for quickest growth.

  1. Do not mistake mentors for snakes.

Every person you bump into, every job you take, every assignment you complete and every other person that comes by has some lessons for you. The start-ups out there, at least most of them begin with an idea and a couple of individuals. They get some investors on board and surround themselves with motivated individuals to light up the fire into reality and as soon as the company takes off, they tend to bring some experts and industry specialists. While you might have worked hard day and night, changing your roles, it’s natural to feel insecure when a senior employee comes in telling you how to go about things. Just because he has industry exposure and contacts with important competitors? Well yes, these veterans can give the smartest outlook with their experience in the industry. Take them as your mentors and not enemies. Ensure to coordinate and converse with them often so you get a chance to learn with them often. Whereas in big establishments, you rarely get lucky to sit with these professionals on the highest peak of their career.

In a Nutshell

Work life comes with loads of tasks to deal with and the road to your dream job has a few bumps and hurdles. You’ll meet people whose actions and words may be discouraging. The key is to remember that everyone out there is running to compete in their own race and you’re solely responsible to grow yourself as a person and as a professional. Start picking the positive elements out of adversity and use it in your defense. While huge and established enterprises are everyone’s dream, if you want to taste the real flavor of growth and development, gear up to enter a startup and don’t forget the 3 key secrets no one else told you.

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