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The Types Of Insurance You Might Not Know Existed

The business of insurance is huge and covers various subjects starting from life, property, valuable assets, health insurance and even different parts of the body. People who want to purchase insurance just need to contact an insurance provider and explain the type of insurance they are interested in purchasing. People can rest assured that the insurance provider will have an offer for the insurance they need.

Many people are unaware of the types of insurance that can be purchased. Perhaps people believe that the most common types being health and life insurance are the only types of insurance that need to be considered because these are the types that are often discussed. However, people are also required to understand there are different types of insurance that are available and will be useful for them in various ways. Let us look at some of the varieties of insurance that people will find beneficial.

Burial insurance

If you think insurance is worth only during your lifetime you should be considering your thoughts again. You will have no difficulties in purchasing burial insurance that will help cover the costs of your funeral after your demise.

The premium of this policy should not concern you a great deal because they are affordable and would leave you unconcerned about how your family would manage the costs of your burial. Depending on the value of the policy and bearing in mind that the average cost of a funeral is in the region of approximately $8000 you may consider it worthwhile investing in burial insurance when you can still pay the premiums.

Dog bite insurance

Dogs can bite and they certainly do particularly when they are not kept on a leash and are an aggressive breed. Over 50% of all dog bites happen on the property of the owner. Despite homeowners policies and renters policies offering some coverage for these incidents, it is possible you could be sued for a larger amount if your dog bites someone while on your property. The litigation may cost you a great deal of money and the policy in your possession may not be sufficient to protect your assets. In order to ensure that you have adequate coverage against dog bites, you should be investing in an umbrella liability policy which will offer you coverage beyond the amount of liability coverage offered by a standard policy.

[su_quote cite=”Suze Orman” class=”cust-pagination”]”If there is anyone dependent on your income – parents, children, relatives – you need life insurance.”[/su_quote]

Flood insurance

Insurance companies are an intelligent lot and while they have covered natural disasters like fires, wind damage, hail and other perils within homeowners on a renters insurance policies, they have ignored flood insurance.

In order to ensure you are secured against flood damage, you will be required to invest in a separate flood insurance policy. Insurance companies do not look enthusiastic about making any changes to this requirement despite more damages being reported due to floods than any of the other natural disasters.

Wedding insurance

When you prepare for your wedding you are investing in a lot of money for the occasion and even paying upfront deposits to secure services in advance. You wouldn’t want to waste your money if you do not receive the services as promised by the service provider or he or she decides to ignore your calls on an eventful day. To safeguard against such issues should be investing in a wedding insurance which should be available to you through the same insurer that is providing your homeowners or auto insurance coverage.

After reading through this discussion we are certain you will widen your thoughts about insurance and begin to think in a different manner. Do not limit your imagination to just a few variances that have been mentioned because if you want to have your nose or ears insured you can rest assured that an insurance provider is anticipating your call this very moment.

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