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How To Shop Without Ruining Your Finances

Almost everyone loves to shop, simply because it is like rewarding yourself after working so hard for the past weeks. Shopping can even be a therapy for some people like if you’re going through a break-up? Go shopping. If you’re stressed with work or school? Go shopping. If you’re depressed over family or friends? Go shopping. Some people really do find comfort in shopping, and sometimes they even make the lamest excuse for themselves not to feel bad if ever they simply want to go splurge. However, at the end of the day, most people think that it may be rewarding and comforting at some point, you’ll end up with an empty wallet and you’ll end up stressing yourself again. A lot of people may love shopping, but then again, they also realize that they should start spending their money wisely especially when it comes to shopping, so here are some helpful tricks when it comes to tips and tricks when shopping wisely.

[su_quote cite=”Anonymous ” class=”cust-pagination”] “We humans always want more. Sometimes we ruin what we already have, by searching for something we don’t need.” [/su_quote]


One of the first things you need to get through so you can shop smarter is that you need to know the difference between needs and wants. A lot of people always have a hard time when it comes to thinking which are the things that they actually need and which are the things they actually want. Unfortunately, most people consider every single things they see is a “need” or they somehow find an excuse for it to be one. Like a bucket of some chocolate chip ice cream, it’s food so that would definitely be considered as a need. Just like this hundred dollar designer scarf, which is also considered to be a need for some people during winter. If you obviously think this way, then you’ll always end up spending too much than you expected. Confused? Well, let’s break it down shall we?

• A place to live (apartment, house)
• Enough amount of food and water
• Basic hygiene products and health care
• Decent clothing
• Gadgets that you need for school or work such as a laptop or computer, and a decent mobile phone for emergencies.

So basically, a luxurious villa, chocolates and other treats, designer bags, shirts, shoes, and other type of gadgets used for entertainment, are considered as wants and not needs. Simply because, needs are the ones that a person cannot live without, it is the necessities, whereas the wants are simply the things that people don’t necessarily needs and they could actually survive without it.


[su_quote cite=”Will Rogers” class=”cust-pagination”]“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.” [/su_quote]

Another great way to actually shop smarter is window shopping. For some people this is a way of self-pitying since you can’t necessarily buy the things that you see, but what this actually does is to help you decide whether you actually need it or you’re just impulse buying. This usually happens when you don’t necessarily need to get too much, but you always end up buying a lot just because you thought something was cute or would look nice or for whatever reason, but then you’ll eventually realize that it was just a complete waste of money.

Window shopping is a great way to stop yourself from impulse buying. Simply because you’re just looking around, and you can also compare prices from other stores or online, which will help you decide which is cheaper or more convenient for you.


One of the most difficult things to do is to actually resist the urge to shop even more. What you can actually do about that is to simply argue with yourself and let the right one win at all times. Like think of how disappointed your mom or your partner would be if you buy things you don’t need, or that you could actually just spend that money for other things that you will need. Or it is actually best for you to have a bigger goal, like if you are saving for a car since you don’t have one and you really need one. It’s all about how you think of the possible outcome.


Unfortunately, nowadays, people simply shop so that they could post it on their social media accounts and just show off. They’re wasting money just so people would think they’re rich, so that other people would actually envy them. Life is not a competition where someone actually wins just because they have things other people don’t have, it doesn’t even make you a better person. So save your money for things that actually necessary, instead of wasting it for simply showing off.

There is simply nothing wrong with shopping, as long as you know exactly how to handle it. It is advisable for you to share this article to some family and friends who are also struggling when it comes to shopping too much.

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