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The Surprising Ways Johnny Depp Managed to Spend a Shocking $2 Million Every Month

We cannot deny the fact that recently the life of Johnny Depp has been all about partying hard with his money and paying little attention to the seemingly declining state of his career. Many of his recent projects have brought in little income in the hands of producers and, because of this, Depp now finds himself in no position to negotiate the terms of his paychecks, something he could easily do in the past.

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Johnny Depp delivered a great performance in Fantastic Beasts, but reportedly he has not been receiving as many major roles as he used to in the past.

However, not all have been bleak in his life. Depp was selected to play the villain in J.K Rowling’s most anticipated thriller, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, and since then things have certainly improved for him.

However, over the years the actor has certainly struggled with his finances, which is certainly surprising considering he was once recognized by Forbes as one of the highest paid actors between the years 2009 and 2010.

Fighting Legal Battles

The actor’s former business manager, against whom Depp has entered into a legal war, claimed that Depp squandered his earnings, which approximately amounted to $880 million at one point, on his lavish lifestyle. Depp had made a fortune for himself in merely 13 years of time. However, according to his ex-business manager, his lavish lifestyle demanded to spend $2 million every month.

Depp sued TMG, the company that had provided said business manager, claiming that the manager had not worked with due diligence while dealing with his matters and, because of such negligence, the actor had suffered huge financial losses.

TMG subsequently countersued Depp’s claims stating that, despite providing the actor with several warnings, he continued to spend extravagantly on his lifestyle and hence as a result of his own actions finds himself in financial troubles now.

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Even with all the legal battles and his supposedly dwindling demand, Depp is still valued at an estimated $200 million.

While some of Depp’s expenses are certainly justifiable, there are others which would naturally raise some eyebrows.

He Has Many Homes

Depp is the owner of 14 properties, according to reported figures, and the Pirates of the Caribbean star has spent more than $101 million for their maintenance over the years, including the maintenance of his chateau located in South France. Depp also purchased a number of islands in the Bahamas and is also the owner of various houses located in Hollywood and lavish penthouses in Los Angeles.

He Has Numerous Guitars

When it comes to hobbies, Depp is a huge fan of collecting guitars of various types, and now has an impressive collection of around 70 guitars. He has always been inspired by instrumental music and has also worked with numerous bands including The Pogues, and Hollywood Vampires.

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While owning 70 guitars may be too much, Depp does have a passion for them and hence does not mind spending his money on getting the ones he likes.

He Has A Huge Art Collection

Depp is also a huge fan of art and has collected more than 200 art pieces, including paintings of famous artists like Basquiat and Andy Warhol, until now. All his art collectibles are very impressive and obviously expensive and hence are kept safe in dedicated storage houses which are maintained separately from his main residences.

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