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The Mistakes Charlie Sheen Has Made that Made Him Lose All His Millions

All of us love reading success stories whereby a person starts from nothing and, with consistent hard work and a little bit of luck, ends up becoming a millionaire. We get to hear many such stories coming out of Hollywood and find a lot of motivation in the way certain famous Hollywood personalities defied all odds to emerge as the very best in their profession.

But we seldom focus on those who fall from grace, those who end up losing all of that fame and fortune. One such story is that of Charlie Sheen, the actor who made the world laugh with his performances on the TV show Two and a Half Men and many other credited roles.

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Charlie’s fans around the world were not very happy when he was replaced by Ashton Kutcher on the show Two and a Half Men.

Current Situation

Apparently, all that fame was too much for Sheen to handle, and he developed an addiction to substances including alcohol, which has made him very infamous around the world. This infamy has obviously had a drastic impact on his finances, and reportedly the actor was on the brink of losing his own house.

According to reports, a total of $86K is owed by Sheen to the authorities for the mortgage payments that are outstanding against his luxurious mansion located in Beverly Hills. This seven bedrooms and bathrooms mansion, as of February 2019, has reportedly been entered into the pre-foreclosure state by the lender of the mortgage.

It has also been reported that Sheen had signed a check back in January 2019 to cover up the payments he had missed, while simultaneously having listed the mansion at a price of around $8.5 million since the past many months.

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The Beverly Hills mansion was befitting of Sheen’s net worth, but unfortunately, he can no longer afford to live in it.

What Happened?

You must be wondering how an actor, who was once reportedly worth an estimated $150 million, has ended up having to sell his house to fulfill mortgage obligations of less than a hundred thousand dollars. When he was still working on Two and a Half Men, Sheen was being paid an approximate $1.8 million for every episode, the highest that any TV actor was bringing home at that time.

With great power comes great responsibility, and unfortunately Sheen was not the most responsible person after becoming so rich and successful. Back in 2011, due to his unacceptable behavior, Sheen was ultimately fired from the show, although that is not the official reason given by the studio to terminate his contract.

A Downward Spiral

Although Sheen said he was glad to have been fired and continued showing that confidence on many talk shows as well, bragging about his drug addiction as well, the fact that he was no longer earning the same level of income yet continued living an expensive lifestyle naturally started to take a toll on his savings.

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Sheen’s multiple TV interviews after he left Two and a Half Men did not help the actor reestablish himself in the entertainment industry.

His personal expenses included the payments of $110K that he had to make every month to his two ex-wives, which was reduced after September 2016 when Sheen appealed to have them reduced considering his dwindling finance.

However, $500K still goes out in child support on an annual basis. All this, on top of the many professional women he hired for intimacy, has resulted in Sheen spending away all of his money in just a few years.

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