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Eva Longoria Highlights the Importance of This One Habit for Achieving Success

They say that you should grab every opportunity that comes your way. But as much as you want to jump on every chance you can get, you know you can’t handle things all at once. That’s why you should learn when to say “no,” as experts have long advised.

While it may sound easy in theory, putting it into practice can be very hard, especially when you tend to take on so many interests that you can hardly manage. Even celebrities such as Eva Longoria have understood the importance of refusing.

Being one of the most beautiful actresses in the entertainment industry, it’s not hard to imagine why a lot of producers and directors, as well as big companies, would tap her for projects and collaborations.

Eva Longoria isn’t just an actress, she is also a producer

Who could forget her effective portrayal of Isabella Brana on CBS’ The Young and the Restless and Gabrielle Solis on Desperate Housewives from 2004 to 2012? For her role in Desperate Housewives, Eva received multiple nods from award-giving bodies, cementing her status among the industry’s best.

Production Company

Like other stars, the mom of one also ventured into paths that she’s not familiar with. Being a business-minded person, there’s no question why Eva pursued different things.

In 2005, she put up the Unbelievable Entertainment, her very own production company that was behind the NBC sitcom Telenovela, and transitioned from being an actor to showrunner and a director. While we imagined that to be a hard shift, she explained that it felt natural for her.

In 2017, Eva Longoria Collection was born

More than acting, the thespian wanted to create art. Explaining her decision, Eva said that unlike actors who exit the set once they have delivered their lines with the emotions needed, being behind the camera who choose the cast, write the script, and pick the right takes is what she had always wanted.

Apart from giving the world a masterpiece, she also pointed out that job opportunities a production opens to a lot of people outweighs any TV ratings. Doing what she wanted is just one part of putting up a production company. This also greatly helped her become a better actress because she’s now more aware of the work that goes into making a hit television, from acquiring the funding to capturing the perfects scenes that enhance the show’s storyline.

Clothing Line

Two years ago, Eva launched her eponymous collection that was actually a long time coming. While most people told her to start her clothing line ages ago, the actress struggled to find enough time to start another business.

Considering the lack of time, people suggested that she just stick her label on clothes, which was a big no-no. It sounded a shortcut to a successful business but the Overboard star is not all about that – she is all about authenticity and showcasing her hard work through her creations.


Eva also dipped her toes into the food industry, opening up restaurants here and there. However, she was unsuccessful in the venture. Even her more popular Beso Hollywood was open for about a decade.

Eva Longoria’s Beso restaurant closed down in 2017

The 44-year-old had learned so much about the business and how social media can play a role in making or breaking what you’ve worked hard for. She said that she moved on from that and knew that she couldn’t do everything at the same time.

Saying ‘No’

Eva admitted there’s a lot of offers she receives but what she learned from her experience is that you can never do everything altogether.

She went on to say that it’s best to focus on your brand and helping it grow instead of spreading yourself thin and grabbing all the business opportunities at the same time.

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