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The Worst Jobs In The World That Will Make You Appreciate Your Job

Are you sick and tired of your job? To wake up early in the morning, spend hours in traffic, to get your 9 to 5 job, only to be screamed at? Do you feel like you’ve been stuck at a dead-end job for years? Well, a lot of people think that way. A lot of people hate their jobs, but if you find out what other people around the world need to do to make a living then you might think your crappy job isn’t so bad. Here are some of the worst ways to make a living that will make you hate your job a little less.

Armpit Sniffer

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Deodorant producers testing their product

One of the worst things about commuting is having to ride a train full of people. There is always at least one guy that has BO, and you just have to hope that it’s only one guy. Imagine if your job is to have to sniff armpits all day. These ladies works as a deodorant producer. They develop deodorant and help test out the products effects and smell. A part of the responsibilities of their job is to take a big ol’ whiff of strangers’ armpits in order to check the products effect. Jones says that, “It was strange at first, but in a week it was fine.” Well, for us it’s still strange no matter no long it takes.

Mosquito Bite Victim

Everyone hates being bitten by pesky mosquitoes. That’s one of the things we really hate about summer. It’s itchy and annoying, but generally bearable, but imagine if you need to get bitten by hundreds and even thousands of mosquitoes. Helge Zieler’s job really sucks, and we mean literally. He works in the Brazilian rainforest as a test subject in order to study the behavior of the mosquitoes. Basically, he gets bitten by mosquitoes in the name of science. And we’re talking about tropical mosquitoes that can cause a lot of dangerous diseases. He even suffered from a really bad case of malaria at one point but he says that “The beauty of the rainforest far outweighs the thousands of mosquito bites.”

Sewer diver

A sewer diver in Shanghai

We all think that our jobs stink, but for these guys working as sewer divers, their job literally stinks. They are tasked to clear up blocked sewages and repair pipes by hand and without any safety gear. They swim though the sewers in order to clear the blockages using only tools such as a shovel and crowbar, and only wearing their regular clothes since a 3rd world country such as India cannot afford expensive safety gears for their workers. They’re paid less than $5 a day plus a bottle of cheap booze. Your job isn’t that crappy anymore, is it?

Crime-Scene Cleaners

CSI is one of the most famous TV shows of all time, with a lot of versions. It might be fun and entertaining to watch on TV but if your job is to clean a real-life gruesome crime scene, then you might not be as entertaining. There are a lot of blood and guts in this job so you’ll need a very strong stomach.

Crocodile Trainer

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A crocodile trainer performing their signature stunt

Imagine having to put your head inside a 500kg crocodile’s mouth every day. You’d certainly need some life insurance if your job requires you to face danger every single day. For how much would you agree to put your head in a croc’s mouth? Well, these guys working at Pattaya Crocodile Farm in Thailand are only getting paid less than $8 dollars a day. Another stunt that is part of the show is kissing a croc on its nose. If you’re not sure how safe or dangerous this job is, then you should know that one perform got his head crushed by a giant croc’s jaws that were even caught on tape. Do not try this at home folks. Well, it’s not like there are crocs inside your homes.

Pet Food Tester and Taster

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Simon Allison the pet food taste tester

Have you ever wondered what your pet food tastes like? You feed it to your pet every day and they seem to like, so you might have been curious as to what they taste like. Well, Simon Allison has tasted pet food and not just any regular old pet food. He taste-tests Marks & Spencer dog and cat cuisine, which is basically fancy pet food. He says that “I love my job – but draw the line at swallowing.” We just hope he gargles after work so he won’t get dog breath.


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