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Mars Chocolate Pledges $1 Billion For Climate Change

People focus so much on their own problems that they actually forget one important thing. The world they are currently living in is not in its best state. It is believed that humans are the best creatures that have ever lived on earth because humans have the ability to think and able to use their minds to create machines that no other creature on earth has done. Unfortunately, because humans are trying to hard to be at the top of everything, they are slowly destroying the world.

A lot of people are aware of it, but then not a lot of people actually know why it is happening and what caused it. The better question would be, who caused it? According to Ilissa Ocko, climate scientist, scientists all over the world believe that humans are actually causing global warming. On the brighter side, there are a lot of organizations who are actually willing to lead and inspire others to contribute when it comes to saving the earth. This is despite what scientists said that the earth cannot be saved anymore, but then we could still slow down its damages.


A lot of organization focus more on humanity, such as ending poverty, worldwide health missions, and more. There is absolutely nothing wrong about it, but then again, saving and helping people’s lives wouldn’t exactly matter if the world will soon be destroyed all because mankind only looks after themselves.

One of the biggest companies in the world, Mars Incorporated, is known for its leading chocolates and candy products such as 3 Musketeers, Skittles, M&M’s, Starburst, Twix, Snickers, and more. This company recently launched its “Sustainability in a Generation” plan, that actually aims to reduce the carbon footprint of its business and supply chain by the year 2050.

According to their chief sustainability officer, Barry Parkin, their company has always been worried about climate change. “We believe in the scientific view of climate science and the need for collective action,” he said. He also said that since they are in the food business, they have always been worried about agriculture as well as the farmers who supply them from all over the world. “Climate science says many of these are going to be challenged as the world gets warmer. We care about this both on a societal level but also on a business level.”

Mars Inc. is actually one of the companies who signed the letter urging the current American president, Donald Trump, not to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.


• Renewable Energy

• Food sourcing

• Farmers

• Cross-industry action groups


You don’t really need to pledge millions of dollars just to be able to help slow down climate change. There are in fact a lot of simple things anyone can do according to experts, and here are some of them.

• Choose Organic

It wouldn’t really hurt if once in a while you choose to get organic foods. It is not just good for the body but also for the environment. Organic foods are grown without synthetic fertilizers. It is also ideal to eat more fruits and vegetables, of course, it would be better if they are organic as well.

• Live In The Climate

Everyone wants to be comfortable all the time, that is why a lot of places have cooling and heating system. From their houses, workplace, even in the car. It is of course invented so that we would get protected from the extreme cold and the extreme heat. Unfortunately, people abuse this, there are times that it is not even that cold and yet the heating system is at its peak, and vice versa. It wouldn’t hurt live in the climate for a bit, after all, it is the most natural way to go.

• Use Your Feet

Mankind has invented almost every single vehicle possible. Vehicles that could fly, that could float, that has four wheels, and more. People forget that the feet is used not just for pedals but also for walking and running from a place to another. Nowadays, walking and running are considered as exercise even if it is simply a normal thing to do. Help the environment as well as yourself by refusing to use your vehicles.


• Reduce And Reuse Before You Recycle

Recycling has always been one of the best ways to help the environment, then again, people forget that it is actually better to reduce as well as to reuse.

These are just some of the simplest ways to help our dear home planet. Be aware, inspire others to do the same thing, after all, every living thing will benefit from it.

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