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Kelly’s Gloomy Financial Situation: One Bank Account Has a Reported -$13 Balance

‘90s kids would know who singer-songwriter R. Kelly is, he was extremely popular at the time, thanks to his undeniable talent that became the key to winning multiple awards. However, the success was tainted with several allegations thrown at him by several women in the past years, all of which he vehemently denied.

This had gone on for so long, sometimes settling with the accusers for an undisclosed amount and sometimes ditching interviews when asked about the topics. Recently, however, his troubled career and past became fresh in the minds of the public when the documentary “Surviving R. Kelly” was released.

Domino Effect

The Lifetime special, which was a six-part documentary, was released in January – at the premiere, the event, where the director, victims, and the victims’ parents were present, was shut down after a bomb threat. “Surviving R. Kelly” has done more than just reinvigorating the public of what was forgotten, it reopened investigations on the celebrity’s crimes.

Lady Gaga apologized for previously collaborating with R. Kelly.

Just like domino, R. Kelly immediately felt the adverse effects of re-earthing of his deeds. For one, several recording artists such as Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Chance the Rapper, and Phoenix gave apologies to the public for collaborating with the disgraced artist. The #MuteRKelly was steadily gaining popularity as well in social media. Music streaming provider Spotify also removed the man’s songs from playlists last year and RCA Records removed him.

Financial Situation

Kelly’s financial situation suffered, too, as he was taken into court after his ex-wife Andrea came out accusing the man of his failure to pay child support amounting to $160,000. As a result, he had to spend a couple of nights at a jail before an anonymous benefactor came to his side and took care of the problem. Apart from that, he was facing a huge credit from Midwest Commercial Funding, which now owns the recording studio where the accused was allegedly residing at.

R. Kelly is facing financial woes.

According to reports, R. Kelly owed MCF hundreds of thousands of dollars for unpaid rent. The company was awarded $173,000 in judgment, which meant the creditor’s seizure of some of his bank accounts. The landlord got everything from his two Bank of America accounts, one with a $44,595.58 and another with a $110,056.64, which left him with just $625.

Unpaid Rent

R. Kelly’s bank account was reportedly in the red.

Apparently, when the landlord tried to get the $20,000 remaining debt, Wintrust Bank claimed the man only had a -$13 balance. Now that there’s no more money from the account, MCF was reportedly aiming at his recording label Sony to pay the rest of his debt.

MCF lawyers also tried seeking the money from the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers for R. Kelly’s earmarked funds but the organization said they don’t owe the artist.

It seems that everything is going downhill from here, no thanks to the renewed interest in his numerous cases. He should also expect that the media will be relentless in covering everything about him. Well, he had been anticipating this factor as evident in his request before his Springfield II performance, where he asked the media to take it easy on him.

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