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Former Footballer Joe Montana Selling This STUNNING California Property at a Steep Discount

We all have that one number we consider lucky for us, right? At least some of us regard this important figure as a special charm that can help us in some way, either by bringing us happiness or fortune — ideally, both.

For Joe Montana, former NFL player for the San Francisco 49ers, the number 49 is quite important, so much so that he made it a reference for the price of his Calistoga ranch in California a decade ago. However, it seems that he is ready to let the nod go as he re-listed the estate for just $28.9 million.

Selling the Property Again

The football star is yet again ready to give away his palatial property in Napa Valley, of course, if the price is right. Interested buyers should consider that Joe initially floated the estate in 2009 for $49 million but now decided to sell it again with a $41-percent discount.

According to reports, the athlete and his wife, Jennifer Montana, only placed the initial asking price as a starting point for negotiations.

Jennifer and Joe Montana designed their property for five years

Shortly after listing the 500-acre property years ago, the couple decided to heed their children’s advice to keep the place for a few years.

Moreover, Joe explained that his family also gave him the idea for the new price. Buyers shouldn’t have to feel bad shelling out about $30 million because the estate, which was started in the ‘90s and was completed in 2003, has been designed by the Comeback Kid and his wife personally.

European Visits

If you look inside the casa, it’ll probably remind you of Europe – that’s because the design was inspired by the trips and visits of the couple made to the continent.

Both the interior and the exterior are equally and aesthetically pleasing, add to that the lush trees that surround the property. The humongous main residence that measures 9,700 sq feet has three bedrooms and four bathrooms.

The main residence has three spacious bedrooms

Especially, the main house screams a European vibe with wood-beamed ceilings, two towers, statues, fireplaces, and tapestries, a style which Joe and Jennifer got from the historic villas and monasteries they spotted in Europe.

But they didn’t just copy what they saw, they also sourced most of the items in the continent, like the marble bathtub that was positioned with a crane.

Spending Time and Money

Just how invested were the couple in their house? They didn’t just spend money on key pieces to complete the grandiosity of their property, they also allotted time in doing so.

From stone yards to flea markets, to auction houses, the Montanas combed through these just to find some items fit for their abode.

Now, if you really want to see what Joe really put his touch on, then head to the outdoor kitchen where you can find a beer tap.

The property has a swimming pool and a rose garden

As they are an outdoor-type of family, you can expect nothing short of awesome for the facilities you can find outside the picturesque interiors.

You’ll find a court you can use for tennis or basketball, a pool, an equestrian facility, bocce ball terrace, and a skeet shooting range, what more can you ask for? If you love nature then fret not as the property also has a rose garden and olive grove.

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