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From Expensive Yachts to Rare Jewels: Here’s How Rihanna Spends Her $600 Million Fortune

According to Forbes, Rihanna now hails as the wealthiest female musician in the world. Her staggering $600 million fortune today is a sharp contrast to her humble childhood. It also shows how the singer worked hard to raise herself from poverty and attain the fame and wealth she now enjoys.

While Rihanna still makes sure to spend her fortune responsibly, she also doesn’t hold back from splurging every once in a while. Let’s unveil Rihanna’s lavish lifestyle and how she spends her vast wealth today.

Humble Beginnings

Before Rihanna got the stardom and fame she enjoys today, the singer reveals she was born and brought up in a poor family that couldn’t afford anything. Rihanna remembers how she had to save her allowance for a whole school year just to buy herself a pair of Timberlands.

Rihanna says she's spending her wealth equally from her splurges, investments, and giving back to charity works.

While Rihanna still makes sure to spend her fortune responsibly, she also doesn’t hold back from splurging every once in a while

Despite the financial hardships she experienced in childhood, Rihana says that her struggles helped her develop a hustler mentality and taught her how to handle her finances.

Besides making music, Rihanna is a sound businesswoman who knows how to invest her earnings from music wisely. The multi-millionaire has made a fortune from selling millions of albums but most of her earnings come from partnerships and brand deals. Aside from that, the singer also has her own makeup line and a brand new fashion house under LMVH.

Giving Back

Aside from investing her money into various lucrative ventures, Rihanna says she also prioritizes on giving back to the community. Rihanna actively supports charity works and organizations that are close to her heart. In 2017, she also endorsed Harvard’s Humanitarian Initiative and encouraged her fans to support the cause as well.

Lavish Lifestyle

With a vast fortune from her music and business ventures like Fenty Beauty, Rihanna can live comfortably for the rest of her life. In fact, the singer can buy anything her heart desires — even an entire apartment building in one of the most expensive neighborhoods of LA, which is exactly what she did. In 2014, Rihanna spent an astounding $5.45 million to purchase a condo with three bedrooms and four bathrooms in Los Angeles.

The experts dubbed the said deal as "the millionaire mile" due to its expensive cost.

Experts dubbed the deal as “the millionaire mile” due to its massive price tag

Two years later, Rihanna bought another condo in Wilshire Corridor, Los Angeles. The singer reportedly paid a whopping $925,000 for the real estate property.

Business and Pleasure

When Rihanna’s not on tour, she’s relaxing on her chartered yachts or vacationing in exotic destinations. In 2011, Rihanna was spotted taking a cruise on one of the most luxurious vessels ever built, French Rivera. According to sources, the singer paid $300,000 to have it rented for a week. In 2014, Rihanna also rented Cote d’Azur for 14 days.

Rihanna is also quite generous when it comes to spending on her friends and family. She reportedly burned through $8,000 in a single night while out partying in a club in Miami. The singer also spent $17,000 in Houston when she had a night out with the famous rapper, Drake.

Beauty Routine

Before launching her own beauty and skincare line, Rihanna invested heavily in her appearance. The musician has an army of facialists and makeup artists who earn up to $2,500 per session from her. With that kind of pay, who wouldn’t want to work for Rihanna?

The singer reportedly spends $38,000 per week just to maintain her beauty rituals and gorgeous outfits.

The singer reportedly spends $38,000 per week just on her beauty rituals and gorgeous outfits

Some of her beauty rituals include contour tanning that can go up to $4,000 whereas her skin treatments can cost up to $7,600 per month.

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