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This Apple Show Could Make Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston Highest-Earning TV Stars  

With online streaming slowly but surely taking over the entertainment industry, lots of companies have decided to throw their hats into the ring. For years, Netflix has dominated this section of the market, but Apple, Disney, and others are relentless on having a share of it as well.

To this end, the multinational media companies have put plans in motion to launch their own streaming services. While Disney is soon to launch Disney+, Apple is going with Apple TV Plus (marketed as Apple TV+), and there has been no shortage of buzz since the company made the announcement in March.

Coming Guns Blazing

While there’s still a lot about the service that we don’t know, what’s for certain is that the revolutionary tech giant is coming at Netflix guns blazing, bringing some Hollywood heavyweights with it.

They are part of Apple’s ammunition

A-listers Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston are part of Apple’s ammunition, with the two co-starring in The Morning Show.

The series made headlines even before the showrunners had agreed on its title, but what do you expect from a project that has both Jenny and Witherspoon as its lead?

Naturally, bringing in these two highly esteemed actresses doesn’t come cheap, as Bloomberg reports. According to the outlet, the first two seasons of the show have a $300 million production budget, and its lead stars will be among the chief beneficiaries of this hefty amount.

With the paychecks they’ll take home for starring on The Morning Show, Jen and Reese will etch their names in history as they firmly take their place among the highest-paid personalities in the history of television. Not bad at all, don’t you think?

With its budget, the show is also one for the history books. Along with Netflix’s The Crown and HBO’s Game of Thrones, it will rank among television’s most expensive shows.

And if you thought that the lead actresses are the only big guns in Apple’s arsenal, think again. They also have Steve Carrel on board, an actor best known for his role as Michael Scott on NBC’s The Office.

Steve Carrel as Michael on The Office

$1.25m Per Episode

So how much will these actresses be making per episode, keeping in mind that they’re already down for two seasons? Soon as The Morning Show hits our screens, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon will be making $1.25 million per episode!

If you don’t get how huge this is, let’s put it into more context. Did you know that you can count on one hand the number of TV stars who have earned more than this amount for an episode?

They are Charlie Sheen with his $1.8 million for Two and a Half Men, Ray Romano with $1.7 million for Everybody Loves Raymond, and Kelsey Grammer with $1.6 million for Frasier.

With the challenge of unequal pay rearing its ugly mammoth head in Hollywood, the fact that these two actresses will be paid this much is something to applaud. Apple is taking a step in the right direction, and hopefully, everyone else in the industry will follow suit.

With Jenny and Witherspoon, Apple is headed in the right direction

In truth, this is also a huge investment on the company’s part, and we just have to wait and see if it’ll pay off. But knowing the talent that Witherspoon and Aniston bring, is there any doubt?

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