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Amazing Money Facts You Didn’t Know

Every single person in this world loves money. It is also used every single day, simply because it is a medium of exchange. It is also extremely valuable, only because everyone will accept it, but then, if you ask people if they know anything about money, they may know a few facts but not the most unusual and the most shocking ones, that is why in this article, we’ll be sharing some of them with you, so sit back, relax, and read the most amazing money facts you should know.

#1 Cash is NOT paper

A lot of people don’t actually know that the United States paper bills are not actually made of paper, in fact, it is actually made of 75 percent cotton and 25 percent linen. So technically, it is not exactly like an ordinary paper that people normally uses such as newspapers, notebooks, and more. This is one of the reasons why the US dollar bills have such a distinct feel and it also looks like it is way too different compared to other countries’ paper bills.

Every bill is actually utilized with green ink on the backs, while blank ink is actually used for the faces in the money. These are no ordinary inks though because these inks are specially formulated by the BEP or the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

#2 A Lady on the Money

In 2014, a little girl was endorsed by the former United States president, Barack Obama, because of her idea to feature a woman on the US Currency. Then again, how did they choose a face that would be placed on the money? The answer is pretty simple, you would have to influential, have done something extremely heroic, or have been a part of the US government, and have served the nation. It sounds so simple but it is actually quite difficult

It sounds so simple but it is actually quite difficult obviously since there are no faces on the money. The Secretary of the Treasury decides who deserves a spot on a dollar bill. If you’re like the former presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Andrew Jackson, then maybe you’ll be considered. They were chosen not just because they’re presidents, but because they have that what they call, “permanent familiarity in the minds of the public.” Not to mention you have to be dead as well.

There is only one lady though who managed to snag a spot on the dollar bill, and that’s none other than the very first First Lady, Martha Washington. It was in 1886 when she was featured on the $1 silver certificate.

[su_quote cite=”Ralph Waldo Emerson” class=”cust-pagination”]“The value of a dollar is to buy just things. A dollar just goes on increasing in value with all the genius and all the virtue of the world. A dollar in a University is worth more than a dollar in a jail. In a temperate, schooled, law-abiding, community than in some sink of crime, where knives and arsenic are in constant play.” [/su_quote]

#3 The Lincoln Penny is ALWAYS right

It is a fact that the Lincoln Penny is always right simply because it is the coin where the person is actually facing right, everyone else is facing left. It was designed by Victor David Brenner, which first circulated in the early 1900s. It is considered to be the longest running coin type in the world coinage history.

#4 Liberty Replacement

It wasn’t actually George Washington, who was the original face of the quarter, it was actually Lady Liberty. She was the face of the quarter for more than 100 years until it was replaced by the face of Washington in 1932.

#5 Dollar Life


The life span the dollar bills actually depends on the amount of the bill, $1, $5, $10, bills usually lasts for only 5 years, since it is what a lot of people use the most in transactions, however, the larger denominations lasts longer than that since people tend to handle it with quite care since it has higher values.

Unlike paper bills, coins last longer and they could also be recycled, so if you have any old coins, it is best to turn them over so they could be put to good use.



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