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On the Hook for Entourage! Kevin Dillon Is in Trouble for Earning This Huge Paycheck

When you think of Kevin Dillon, don’t you immediately think of the actor portraying Johnny “Drama” Chase? The character is his most iconic role, thanks to HBO’s Entourage. Despite the man’s success, however, life has its way of trying to bring us down.

You see Dillon and think Johnny Drama

Currently, Dillon is in the middle of a not-so-amicable post-divorce dispute with Jane Stuart, his ex-wife. It is through these proceedings that word has come out that for playing Johnny Chase, the actor took home an impressive paycheck, considerably worth over $13 million.

He’s Got Bank

So why was Stuart so keen on having this little detail as part of the proceedings? Along with her legal team, Dillon’s ex is trying to prove that the actor has got enough bank to keep paying for the education of his 13-year-old daughter, Ava.

According to Stuart, her ex-husband’s accountants always paid the tuition money directly to the school, but Dillon is now trying to take a step back from this responsibility. As she says, the 53-year-old is arguing that he’ll only continue paying for Ava’s education if he doesn’t have to also pay spousal support.

Currently, Dillon is in the middle of a not-so-amicable post-divorce dispute with Jane Stuart, his ex-wife

According to what was agreed upon when the divorce was finalized in 2017, Kevin Dillon should pay Stuart a $7,000 monthly fee as spousal support, in addition to another $3,000 as child support. As it seems, this $7,000 is turning out to be more than what Dillon bargained for.

Stuart claims that if some of the property they shared as a couple were hers, she’d have no problem covering the tuition fees herself. Unfortunately, everything was left under her ex’s name, and she isn’t even entitled to cash he made on Entourage.

Broke? No Way

Presenting several documents in court, Stuart’s team claimed that for the HBO series, Dillon made at least $11 million. For the film reboot of the show where the actor reprised his role as Johnny, he made a minimum of $2 million. So how, then, can he claim he is broke?

Taking into account other ventures the actor engaged in while still married to their client, Stuart’s attorneys argued that he made at least $16 million, and that his ex-wife is entitled to a percentage of it.

For his part, Dillon argued that ever since his successful run on Entourage, he hasn’t been as lucky to find insanely well-paying gigs, claiming that he now earns roughly $11,500 monthly.

In June this year, a court ruling complicated issues for Dillion, requiring him to pay his ex $1.7 million as an equalization payment. Although a seemingly harsh ruling, the judge also lowered his spousal support to $2,100 and child support payments to $2,000. Every cloud has a silver lining, it seems!

Back in the day when they were so in love

If only he could go back to when they were so in love! This former couple got married in Vegas on 21st April 2006, with Ava being born a month later. 10 years in, the two weren’t doing well at all, leading to Stuart filing for divorce in mid-2016. The process took just a year, with everything being settled by June 2017.

Fast forward to two years, and the demons from their past are still haunting this former couple, and all we can do is hope that they find a middle ground for the good of their daughter.

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