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These Money Savvy Celebrities Prove That You Can Be Rich and Frugal at the Same Time

Celebrities oftentimes automatically receive the bad rep of spending what seemed to be their gazillion earnings frolicking on expensive getaways, swimming in gold, wearing thousands of dollar-worth of designer clothes, or just casually driving around town with the ride that cost an arm and a leg – which is why it’s not a shocker to hear certain personalities going bankrupt after their short stint in the limelight. Although this may be true for some, we certainly should not generalize.

These celebrities prove that being a big star doesn’t generally mean being a big spender. In fact, there is a list of frugal ones who have wise words we can live by, which speaks more about the reality that it boils down to money management habits regardless of the income. Here are some important tips from them:

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran still has an allowance.

Grammy Award-winning singer Ed Sheeran is touted as one of the richest musicians in his home country, which isn’t surprising at all. In fact, he was included in Forbes’ 100 highest paid entertainers in 2018, thanks to his chart-topping songs that are a sure-fire hit among the audience.

With a rags-to-riches story, you would think he let the fame get to his head and spend every day like his last, but no. Thanks to his inspiring background, the 28-year-old knows how to value money.

In fact, even with loads of cash Ed rakes in, he still lives with an allowance of $1,000, a chunk of which he uses on taxis, which means you can still limit your overall expenses by giving yourself an allotted amount to spend. That’s not all, the down-to-earth and practical lad still uses his bank account from his teenage years!

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell spent only $142 on her wedding

Kristen Bell has an impressive filmography, which includes the 2013 Disney animated movie “Frozen,” where she voiced Anna, the highest-grossing animated picture. That said she obviously has garnered a substantial amount of money for her works but that doesn’t mean she lives for caviar dreams. In fact, the 38-year-old is a fan of couponing, citing Bed Bath & Beyond as her favorite.

That’s not all, amid the lavish celebrity wedding left and right, Kristen proudly revealed she was only set back by $142 when she tied the knot with Dax Shepard. Mvelopes president Christopher Tracy said we can learn so much from the actress because, despite the pressure to celebrate grandly, she showed that you can spend less and focus on the event itself.

Leonardo DiCaprio

The “Titanic” star drives around in a Toyota Prius

Caliber actor Leonardo DiCaprio starred in so many hit films like “Inception” and the ever famous “Titanic,” therefore, he earned so much that he can basically spend on anything he wants. However, best believe that he doesn’t drive a luxury vehicle but just a Toyota Prius, which saved him a lot of money. The bottom line is, it does the same job of getting him to places without having to spend too much for an expensive car.

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