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World’s Second-Biggest Diamond Was Bought For $53 Million

Gems are considered to be the most precious rocks. People say that no matter how many ordinary rocks you collect, it wouldn’t be as valuable like the most precious gems. This September though, the second-largest gem managed to finally found itself a buyer, but first, let’s get to know this one heck of a rock that is worth $53 million.

The Lesedi La Rona was found in 2015 but wasn’t sold until this September 2017


The Lesedi La Rona, or formerly known as the Quad 1 or Karowe AK6. This is actually the third-largest diamond that was ever found and the second-largest when it comes to gem quality. The Lasedi La Rona was actually found on November 2015 in the Karowe mine in Botswana. It is a white 1,109 carats diamond, which is just a bit smaller than the Cullinan diamond, which is the largest diamond ever found. It was even compared to the size of a tennis ball. The Cullinan was actually found in South Africa in the year 1905, and this gem managed to produce nine major diamonds that are now all a part of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom, including the largest top-quality polished diamond in existence, the Great Star of South Africa.

Unlike the Cullinan which was named after the founder of the mine, this was actually first named after the mine where it was originally found, but then in January 2016, a competition was held by the Chief Executive of Lucara Diamond wherein all citizens of Botswana would have the chance to name the stone, and win $2,000. Finally, in February of that same year, it was announced that the name of the stone would be “Lesedi La Rona” which basically means “Our Light” in Tswana language. According to the winner, the diamond is a pride as well as the light and hope of Botswana. “

Experts compare the size of this diamond to a tennis ball


This year the world’s second-largest diamond was actually bought by Great Britain’s Graff Diamonds. Last year, Sotheby’s announced that the diamond was ready to be up for auction and was expected to be sold around $70 million but unfortunately, it hasn’t been sold, until now because the diamond was apparently too big to be sold and may have to be cut. However, it will be just like any other diamonds if it is to be cut. The reason why it stands out and is valued the most is because it is naturally big. Nature itself made it, and cutting it would be pointless.

Laurence Graff of the Graff Diamonds managed to get his hands on the Lasedi La Rona for $53 million. The diamond was found by the Lucara Diamond Corporation from Canada. This is considered to be one of the best deals Graff has ever made. According to a statement that was released, the deal ended with a handshake with the CEO and president of Lucara Diamond Corp, William Lamb. “The discovery of the Lesedi La Rona was a company event for Lucara. It solidified the amazing potential and rareness of the diamonds recovered at the Karowe mine,” Lamb explained. Who would’ve that the second largest diamond will gen in the hands of Graff Diamonds despite the other companies wanting to get their hands on it as well.


“We are thrilled and honored to become the new custodians of this incredible diamond,” Laurence Graff mentioned in a statement. “The stone will tell us its story, it will dictate how it wants to be cut, and we will take the utmost care to respect its exceptional properties. This is a momentous day in my career, and I am privileged to be given the opportunity to honor the magnificent natural beauty of the Lesedi La Rona,” he added.

This is not the first time Graff Diamonds managed to get their hands on the most precious stones, because in 2006, they bought the 603-carat Lesotho Promise in Belgium for $12.4 million. The Lesedi La Rona is not just rare because of its size, because according to Graff, it also possesses such exceptional quality and transparency that cannot be found in most gems.


Graff Diamonds won the bid with $53 million for the world’s second largest diamond.

Since the Lesedi La Rona finally found a home in Graf Diamonds, all we can do now is simply wait as to how it will actually be cut and where it will be used. One thing is for sure though, this piece of gem is totally record-breaking, and it will always be part of history.

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