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You Won’t Believe Which Film Earned Cameron Diaz Her Fattest Paycheck Ever!

It’s quite unusual for someone to retire at the height of their success, especially if they’re just in their 40’s. That’s why when Cameron Diaz casually announced her retirement last year, it easily became the talk of the town.

Fans, who have watched her since her butt-kicking days on Charlie’s Angels were devastated to hear about her decision. How could she possibly cut her fame short after her impressive film credit streak?

Although it isn’t really clear when she did make the decision to bid the big screen goodbye, some reports claim that it was in 2014 when she was having a hard time finding acting gigs, while others say it was last year when she finally threw in the acting towel.

First Major Film

We first came to be captured by the blonde’s beauty in “The Mask” in 1994 where she, a relatively young and inexperienced actress, was paired with the very popular Jim Carrey.

The actress debuted as Tina Carlyle in “The Mask”

Playing the role of the jazz player Tina Carlyle in the comedy flick, Diaz showcased her undeniable talent that captured the attention of the audience.

The then-21-year-old was recommended to the producers by an Elite Model Management agency which had a contract with her. Thanks to her modeling career, the stunner was seen in various Calvin Klein and Levi’s print advertisements.

“The Mask” proved to be the most pivotal film in Cameron’s acting career which didn’t just highlight her potential as an actress but also propelled her towards fame and fortune. The film was a winner after it raked in $343.9 million in box-office earnings, becoming one of the highest-grossing movies of that year.

With a massive project like that, the stunner caught the attention of producers who were all lining up to offer her new roles. Albeit a rollercoaster, Cameron’s career through the ‘90s was smooth sailing, and the actress managed to work on several projects that turned out to be blockbusters on the box office.

Cameron Diaz’s portrayal of her “Annie” character rendered lackluster


‘90s Film Credits

In 1997, she was cast as Kimberly in My Best Friend’s Wedding, but it was the following year when Cameron really cemented her status among the industry’s greats with her role in There’s Something about Mary.

She also appeared in 1999’s Being John Malkovich and Any Given Sunday. Her other projects include the Charlie’s Angels franchise, The Holiday, My Sister’s Keeper, and 2014’s Annie. As far as success goes, she was on a roll, which means her decision to step out of the limelight is pretty hard to stomach.

‘Bad Teacher’ Earnings

Could it be that Cameron was already satisfied with perhaps the biggest paycheck she had received in her career? We are talking about the totally random film that premiered in 2011, which saw the actress alongside Justin Timberlake and Jason Segal.

In Bad Teacher, she played Elizabeth Halsey, an irresponsible middle-school teacher who was trying to get her life together after a terrible breakup. Although it received unfavorable reviews, the film was surprisingly a commercial success!

Cameron Diaz joined Jason Segal and Justin Timberlake in the 2011 rom-com “Bad Teacher”

For that project alone, Cameron was able to take home a whopping $42 million paycheck, a far cry from the $20 million she earned for her Charlie’s Angels projects, where she played Natalie Cook.

Of course, this was followed by numerous films, but after her last portrayal as Miss Colleen Hannigan didn’t get rave reviews but instead garnered harsh comments, she took a break from show business.

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