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Wendy Williams Delivers a Shocker By Choosing Not to Blame Husband in Divorce Filing

Although it seemed like everything was going fine in the world of Wendy Williams, a piece of shocking news surfaced just weeks ago that she had sought a divorce from her husband in the court of law. Her filing has come around 22 years after she had tied the knot with Kevin Hunter, her soon-to-be-ex-husband.

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It was not too long ago that Williams had talked about how deeply in love she was with her husband Kevin Hunter and how any rumors of their marriage falling apart were fake.

Although no concrete reason for the filing has been given by either Williams or Hunter, but considering the fact that Hunter has made news in the past for supposed infidelity and also the allegation that he has had a child with another woman, we are inclined to believe that perhaps things had become too much for Williams to bear, who has suffered from abusing substances in the past.

Dividing A Fortune

Both Williams and Hunter have been together for more than two decades, and over this long period of time they have been working very hard to build up what can only be referred to as an empire, estimated to be worth around $60 million, a major chunk of which has come from the approximately $15 million that Williams brings in through her many endorsement deals, book deals, and for her work on her own show, the Wendy Williams Show.

There are many interesting factors pertaining to the joint financial positions of both Williams and Hunter, the most interesting being that they have worked together on the Wendy Williams Show for many years, which means that a lot of their assets have been built from their joint earnings. Even when announcing the divorce, Williams ensured the world that the pair were parting on good terms.

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Although we are not sure, at least according to Williams, the two are parting as friends.

Very Quietly

According to Maryam Atighechi, an attorney dealing in family law, it is likely that this divorce will wrap up very soon and behind closed doors,  reaching a conclusion during the settlement stages with a clause ensuring the maintenance of confidentiality. This would happen mostly because Williams does not want her image to become focused on her divorce, especially since she hosts a talk show of her own where she discusses the most popular topics.

What would be interesting to note is whether Williams would be willing to divide up the estate equally, or would be claiming a larger chunk of the total. According to Atighechi, Williams had two options.

The first one was that she needed to file the case as a fault one, whereby she would’ve had to prove that her husband indeed cheated on her and that is why she had filed an application to get a divorce, and this option may result in some extra financial advantage in her favor.

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Wendy is popular for discussing the most popular and trending topics on her show, but we bet she won’t be discussing the matter of her divorce on the show in as much detail.

The second option, the one she picked, was that she applied for a no-fault case, under which she is not able to bring up her husband’s alleged infidelity in the case as a way to gain any financial advantage.  This means that although the divorce won’t be as messy as it could’ve been, it may not necessarily favor her financially as well unless she has a prenuptial agreement that can adequately safeguard her financial interests.

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