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The Remarkable Reason Why Gordon Ramsay May Not Leave Anything to His Kids

The world of celebrity chefs has very few notable people, and Gordon Ramsay is perhaps the most famous one out of them all. Millions of people around the world know him because he has often come on TV doing shows such as MasterChef or Kitchen Nightmares, which are broadcast around the world due to their mass appeal.

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Gordon Ramsay is famous for being very blunt on his TV shows with the contestants.

Naturally, all this fame and the fact that Ramsay is a gifted chef have allowed him to amass an impressive fortune over the years of around $190 million, a major part of which we expected to flow down to his kids when he left this world like wealth usually does. However, in a shocking statement, Ramsay has revealed that his children should not expect to live off his earnings when they grow up.

Little Help From Daddy

We thought Ramsay was only strict when it came to maintaining health standards in the kitchen or the taste of the food presented to him, but apparently, his strong principles extend to his personal life as well, especially the way he deals with his children.

According to Ramsay, he does not want to spoil his children with the money he has earned over the years and so, as a way of motivating them to develop their own paths to success, he has made sure they do not get to enjoy the benefits which he has only been able to afford after years of consistent effort.

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From what we can tell, Ramsay is a very loving father who likes spending quality time with his children.

For example, when the family travels on a plane, Ramsay purchases a first class ticket for both himself and his wife Lana. However, his children do not get to sit in first class with their parents because, as per Ramsay, they have not worked hard enough to deserve a seat in the first class. He even goes so far as to instruct the stewardess that his children need to be kept away from the first class as they have no business being there.

Not a Fan of Money

It seems like Ramsay is adamant to teach his kids that they should not consider money to be the most important thing in their life since he himself is not attracted to having too much money in the bank.

According to an interview which he gave to the Telegraph back in 2017, Ramsay elaborated that money has not been a motivator behind the decisions he has made in his life, and he wants his children to not be negatively influenced by it in any way as well.

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Ramsay and his wife, Tana, have been married ever since 1996

Describing the strategy he has in mind about the distribution of his fortune among his offspring, Ramsay clarified that he does not intend to let his children enjoy the millions he has earned over the years.

Instead, all he is willing to do is contribute 25% to the deposit of an apartment which they might need at some point, a decision which has also been endorsed by his wife, instead of giving them millions of dollars to buy the property of their choosing. This means that, most likely, Ramsay’s children would be left out of his will, at least for the most part.

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