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Nick and Priyanka Vacationed in This Stunning Tuscany Villa Which Is Almost Impossible to Afford

Binge-watching Stranger Things on Netflix, partying out with friends, reading a book, or playing video games – these are just ways some of us could have chosen to spend our Fourth of July weekend.

For others, the special holiday meant taking some time off to embark on an escapade with our special someone, like what Hollywood’s favorite couple Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, who tied the knot in December last year, did.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas tied the knot in France

Joe and Sophie’s Wedding

The uber-romantic couple attended the second grand wedding of Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner, who played Sansa Stark in the HBO hit series, and Joe Jonas’s at the very picturesque Chateau de Tourreau in France’s Provence.

But Nick and Priyanka’s hectic travel schedule didn’t stop there as the two flew straight to Paris afterward for the Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter Collection 2019-2020, where they yet again reminded us of their impeccable sense of style.

Despite being busy, the two were able to use this work vacation to lay back and enjoy each other’s company, just like they did during their trip to Tuscany, Italy. Luckily, both Nick and Priyanka gave us a glimpse into how they spent their precious time together at the breathtaking villa they were staying in.

The downside was that their gorgeous photos gave us some serious FOMO for missing out on such an extravagant vacation — we were already pretty envious of the couple’s frequent display of affection for each other, now we also have to be jealous of their fancy vacation villa that is way out of our budget.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra headed to Italy for quality bonding time

Tuscany Villa

The Jealous singer shared a clip with his over 25.6 million followers that showed him and his wife dancing in the sunset to the tune of Volare by Dean Martin, a scene that looked like it was ripped out of a fairytale book.

As if it wasn’t enough to cue an “Awwww” from us, Nick, at one point, twirled Priyanka and kissed her on the forehead! Expectedly, the comment section was filled with an outpouring of praises from fans who gushed over the fairytale couple, while others admitted they couldn’t handle the display of cheesiness.

While the clip will undeniably make you focus on the couple’s love for each other, it can be pretty hard to ignore the stunning villa in their background which looked like it belonged to

The estate has a stone cottage with a thatched roof, a stone walkway, and lush lawn, which all added to the magical vibe of the video. As per Priyanka’s bikini photos, it gave us a glimpse, apart from her professional model-ish poses, of the stunning swimming pool.

Impossible to Copy

It seems hard to copy Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s getaway because it’s so expensive

But before you grab your better half and head to the same Tuscany villa, here’s a small catch that’ll probably make you think twice (or maybe a hundred times). You should know by now that with a quaint and scenic view like that doesn’t come cheap and that Nick and Priyanka can very well afford places like this because they’re stars.

While it wasn’t revealed how much their entire stay cost, travel consultancy Sienna Charles founder Jaclyn Sienna India estimates that a similar villa like that of the couple, which is close to Via Della Amore and gives a delightful view from the pool, is about $10,000 a night – or double the amount Joe had to shell out for the Provence palace he and Sophie rented out for the weekend of their wedding.

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