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Miley Cyrus Has an Insane Net Worth, but How Exactly Does It Compare to Liam Hemsworth’s?

Over the years, Miley Cyrus has reinvented herself time and again, and she still says that she’s on a journey of figuring out who she really is. As a child, she was most famous for playing Hannah Montana in the eponymously named show, landing the lead role when she was eleven.

Four seasons later, the curtains closed on Hannah Montana, but by then a teenage Miley didn’t even want to continue playing the role. By the time she was eighteen, she admitted that she felt funny wearing Montana’s wig and being in character.

The queen of reinvention

Music, Music, and More Music

So what was to come next after her acting career? You guessed it – music! And boy didn’t she deliver. The fact that she was also actively pursuing music helped her out a lot when she finally gave up acting.

Before the show was over, Miley had several albums to her name, albeit the music was all pegged to the Hannah Montana brand. She had to start somewhere though, didn’t she? According to Cosmopolitan, digital downloads alone have brought Miley at least $25 million.

And do you remember her Bangerz tour? It was massively successful, bringing in $62.9 million, without including any merchandise that fans bought during the concerts. Do you reckon that it must have risen to $70 million then? We wouldn’t be surprised!

Miley Cyrus has come a long way

Come 2008, and Miley started to miss her acting days. To this effect, she actively pursued an acting career, with Bolt being her second debut on screen. The film was an animated comedy wherein Miley co-starred with John Travolta.

In search of a mature role, the songstress turned actress landed the lead in 2010’s The Last Song, starring alongside Liam Hemsworth. Working together on set would initiate a relationship between these two stars, one that would last a decade. Although the two didn’t get married till December 2018, they were very much in love. Unfortunately, they confirmed their separation earlier this month, on August 10 to be specific.

Back on Screen

Back to Miley being back on screen, everything was going great for her, and she bagged a couple more roles in 2012’s LOL and So Undercover. In 2016, she joined The Voice as coach, and made some good money while at it. Reportedly, she made $13 million per season. That’s some good money!

The two recently separated

The same year, Miley featured in Crisis in Six Scenes co-starring alongside some big names in the industry. Her latest acting stint comes in the form of an episode of Black Mirror, where she stars as Ashley O. The character is actually a songstress like her, and Miley said that the character’s arch was almost like what she goes through in real life.

It just so happens that Miley has honed the skill of integrating her music into her acting career, going back to her Hannah Montana days. For Black Mirror, Miley released a song in her character’s name, bringing her to life. Ashley O is now a Billboard charted singer!

With all these projects Miley has had over the years, would you imagine her being broke? She isn’t! As of 2017, her net worth was anywhere between $160 million (Celebrity Net Worth) and $200 million (The Cheat Sheet). Now that it’s 2019, the amount has most definitely grown.

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