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The Extreme Riches of These Celebrities Will Shock You

The celebrities of the United States have become famous around the world for their riches, and their lifestyle is reflective of their fortunes. In fact, the 5 celebrities who are reportedly the richest at the moment have a cumulative net worth of around $15.4 billion.

That is a lot of money to be concentrated in the hands of a few, and this certainly demands more scrutiny. Let’s look at the ones who have the most to their name.

George Lucas

While Star Wars continues to be among the most lucrative entertainment franchise, its creator George Lucas continues to become richer by the day. Recent estimates have placed Lucas’ net worth around $5.4 billion, which is perhaps the highest that any entertainer has been able to accumulate so far.

Most of this has come from the highly lucrative sale that Lucas made back in 2012 when he sold his production company called Lucasfilm to the media giant Disney for an impressive $4.1 billion.

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Apart from the Star Wars franchise, George Lucas also created the highly lucrative Indiana Jones franchise.

Steven Spielberg

This should not come as a surprise to anyone as Steven Spielberg has been making films for the past many decades now. Cumulatively, 33 of Speilberg’s films have grossed around $10.12 billion around the world, which is the highest that any individual director’s films have been able to make in history. He has also earned millions from his video game designing, screenwriting, and production of films.

Naturally, this has resulted in pretty hefty paychecks that have gone to his bank, resulting in an eye-popping worth of around $3.7 billion, a well-deserved figure for the legend who gave the world amazing films like Jurassic Park, and Jaws.

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Even at the age of 72, Speilberg is still actively making films.

Oprah Winfrey

A few decades ago, nobody could’ve predicted that everyone’s beloved TV show host Oprah Winfrey would one day emerge as a media mogul with an estimated worth of around $2.8 billion.

Her empire includes her TV network called O.W.N., her website, and also her print publication which goes by the name O Magazine. She also owns very valuable stock worth more than $400 million in the initiative called Weight Watchers.

Michael Jordan

When it comes to athletes, nobody in sports history has been paid as much as Michael Jordan, who has reportedly earned around $1.85 billion over the course of his career. You must be wondering how he has been able to maintain his net worth at $1.7 billion while living a rather extravagant lifestyle?

Well, Jordan did make some smart investment decisions over the years, most notably with the $800 million basketball team Charlotte Hornets in which he owns a 90% stake.

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In NBA history, Michael Jordan stands at the fifth place when it comes to the list of highest scoring players.

Jay-Z and Kylie Jenner

It is possible that Kylie is richer than Jay-Z, but perhaps only by a slight margin. While Jenner has generated most of her fortune from her highly successful Kylie Cosmetics, Jay-Z has done the same from his streaming service called Tidal which is currently worth around $600 million.

Jay-Z also owns a stake in the Brooklyn Nets which, in total, is worth around $2.4 billion. As for Kylie, she is generating some side income from her endorsement deals.

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