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The Expensive Price Kevin Jr. Had to Pay for Cheating on Wendy Williams

There have been a lot of cheating rumors around Wendy Williams and her husband Kevin Hunter, although the couple has addressed these scandals and has been very vocal about them. In fact, after another rough patch, Kevin Hunters seems to have chosen to spoil his wife by upgrading her diamond watch.

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A diamond is said to be a woman’s best friend, and now Wendy Williams owns many of them just on her watch alone.

The couple met in the year of 1994 at a skating rink, immediately fell in love, and got married three years later. Reportedly, at the time when Kevin met Wendy, he owned a beauty parlor but later became her manager. He also became her production partner and together they launched the Wendy Williams Show.

In 2000, the couple welcomed their son Kevin Jr. in the world. Shortly, after the birth of Kevin Jr., Wendy caught Kevin cheating on her for the first time. However, while addressing this in front of the media, she said that she does not regret staying with him.

The $40,000 Solution

Recently, Kevin Hunters upgraded Wendy’s diamond from Flawless Jewelry watch after another cheating scandal surfaced. A spokesperson from the jewelry storeroom in New York City has confirmed that Kevin has added 25 carats of diamonds in Wendy’s Franck Muller watch on its face and the band. Reportedly, the value of that watch has skyrocketed to $40,000 because of this upgrade.

A Heavy Price

Wendy obviously did not get the watch for free, as she has had to pay a heavy price for it with patience, trust, and a lot of heartaches. She stayed with her husband and made sure that her marriage stays intact. She had to go through a very tough time which led to her hiatus from her show.

Apart from struggles with her marital life, she also fractured her shoulder while dealing with Graves’ disease, which has reportedly badly affected her thyroid.

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Wendy has been dealing with drug addiction issues in the recent past, which is why she took a break from her TV show as well.

After returning to her show, the TV star said that she was doing better than before. She also went on to explain as to why she had been away for so long. According to her, she had been dealing with some medical issues and she was spending time with her husband and son trying to heal from it all. Wendy also shut down the rumors about her marriage falling apart and said that Kevin is not only her lover but her best friend as well.

It’s Was All Good

Even if the rumors about her marriage falling apart were true, it seemed as if everything was good now. While addressing and shutting down the situation, she stated that she is still married to Kevin. Then she gestured at her wedding ring and guaranteed that this ring is not going anywhere at least in her lifetime.

She further said that, when people live with each other for 28 years, they get to know everything about them. She also admitted that she is still very much in love with Kevin.

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Sadly, Wendy has filed a divorce application, having recently said that she was not going to dissolve the marriage at least in this lifetime.

Two weeks after this, Wendy revealed that she has been living at a sober house for her drug addiction. She further revealed that Kevin’s Hunter Foundation had partnered up with T.R.U.S.T. for launching a national resource hotline together. However, in most recent news, Wendy has announced that she has now filed for divorce.

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